Remembering collection of Peg lists?

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I have been on the forums for quite some time now and have been trying out Memory Palace and Peg lists.
For my use case, I find peg lists to be more natural and appropriate since mostly I require to remember about 3-15 points related to a topic. The problem I am facing is to remember this collection of peg lists!

For example,
Let’s say I am studying polity. For that, I need to remember 3-5 historical points for a government body, followed by the last five chairmen. Then I need to remember about 8-10 points on the current policy implemented by the body. I can create individual peg lists for each of the three blocks to remember, but it gets difficult to remember which list was for what block after some time.

Reading in the forum, I understand that peg lists can be combined with Memory Palace to remember them. But I am not able to do so. How do I place a peg list in the loci itself?
Any tips for how do I begin with this?

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You can use either another peg list or a memory palace to keep track of other peg lists or memory palaces.

Example: I have a group of 10 memory palaces that I keep in order with a number shape system. The number shape image is placed before the first location of the memory palace.

Reversing the idea, where you keep track of peg lists with a memory palace, should work too.

Example: if you have two peg lists, and one is a number shape system starting with a candle (for 1), and the other is a number rhyme system starting with gun (for 1), then the first location of your index memory palace could contain an image of a candle and the second location could contain an image of a gun.

If you’re forgetting what is in the peg lists after time, try reviewing the lists more frequently.

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