How to keep track of your memory palaces?

Recently, I decided to mentally review all my palaces and I suddenly realized that I was completely blank on one subject. I couldn’t remember the palace (images or loci) at all… I found myself struggling to remember any detail of it. It took about 10 minutes to remember my loci, but once I had, it all came rushing back very quickly. My point is I would like a way to organize all my palaces in an unforgetable manner, I’ve heard of imaginary cities and planets but I would like to get some other ideas for organization. Thanks for the help in advance.

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How many palaces do you have?
What method/s have you applied to memorise your palaces?

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@Erol not enough to brag about my friend, about 10. I have no Palaces for my Palaces which is really the problem. Any methods or suggestions would be great

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Why do you feel the need to organize you palaces in the first place? Is the information somehow related?

I’m not sure if this is what you are asking for, but a good way to keep track of memory palaces in an unforgetable manner is to write them down, preferably in a text file on the computer which makes it easy to transport them and do backups. You can also add the total number of loci at the beginning so you can count them while you repeat to see if you got them all. Somewhat like this:

Palace: 'My home'

32 loci

1. The TV in the living room

2. The cupboard in the living room

3. ...

When you can’t remember a locus, you can look it up. After a while it will finally stick.

The problem that the first locus is missing is also very familiar to me. (Most of my palaces are not taken from the real world or virtual areas, but built from scratch.) A possible solution to this is to take all the first loci and connect them to a kind of index palace. Let’s take the first locus from the example above, the TV. Combine it with the first locus of the index palace. Now let’s suppose you have another palace ‘My way to the shopping mall’. Then connect its first locus to the second locus of the index palace. And so on.

Whenever you forget a first locus and with it the entire palace, just traverse the index palace to find it again.


@bjoern.gumboldt great question, the information is completely unrelated. For example, imagine that you’ve memorized several memory journeys on different subjects (Astronomy, Sports, Bible, etc…) imagine not visiting one of those journeys for a time and you’ve suddenly forgotten an entire journey (not just part it, I mean all of it), my goal is to prevent that from happening. An organized list of subjects would help but my question is really how to retain all journeys mentally and what is the best method of retaining all of it, I am curious as to how others have tackled the issue… A pegged list? A journey through an imaginary forest?

There’s your answer right there… regular review.


@Finwing I do have an excel sheet that lists every memory journey in detail. Your index method has given me a solution to my problem thank you. I will create a type of indexing scheme to solve my issue.


@bjoern.gumboldt not really if you have thousands of these journeys piled up inside you. I only have 10 so far which serve me well, review of these is nothing but I can imagine that review of a few thousand would become tedious. I think I understand what is needed through these conversations… a journey that reminds me of every journey is needed. Thanks for the help.