World Memory Championships Competition Requirements

I have been searching the world memory championships requirements for different countries and I haven’t found much information on the following questions.

What are the qualification requirements for each country? The side has a form that looks like open registration, does that mean anyone can compete?

Which championship are you interested in? There are the World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) ones and the International Association of Memory (IAM) ones. I think that both are open to all countries.

I was looking at WMSC. It says some countries limit participants but I couldn’t find a list of which countries limit participants.

I didn’t even know about IAM, they must not have as much search engine exposure so thanks for informing me of a new competition!

See also the memory competition calendar. You can subscribe by RSS:

It doesn’t look like it lists the WMSC competition on that link.

Any idea where I can find the answer to my question?
Also, the form has separate divisions. I am 18 years old so which division would I be in?

Thanks, I need to update it.

I don’t have information about the competition, but they have a contact form.

I filled out the contact form and haven’t heard back yet. The contact number on the WMSC website returned back as invalid when I called it. Hoping someone who is competing or has experience might know the answers to some of these questions.
Qualification requirements for each country?
What years does each age division apply to?
Where to get a WMSC competitor number?

Hello everyone, it’s my first post in this forum (go me!). I have read a couple of books recently about memory and i have been trying to train ( unsuccessfully how one finds to find buildings to use as palaces). From what i know my country, Greece does not have a national championship, so I am trying to find the requirements to participate in the World memory championship (aim for the stars) and now i find out there are 2. So sould i go to a european ch? Do they have a dispute ? With no National championshing and a dispute going on- I don’t know where to start.

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I don’t think that the regular championships are happening at the moment due to the pandemic, but there are three online events taking place that you might be interested in.

Remote Memory League Championship

Online Memory League

Memory League May

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