Online Memory League Championship, season 8!

Registration is now open for season 8 of the Online Memory League Championship!

This championship, also known as the “League”, is a friendly online competition open to everyone.

Each division has up to 6 players, so you’ll have up to 5 matches to play during the season. Each match consists of 6 games of Memory League, which takes approximately 45 minutes.

The season will run from May 4th to June 14th, with playoffs starting on June 15th.

For the detailed rules, please go to!/league and click the “Online Memory League Championship Rules” button.

If you’d like to join in, please register at!/league/register by April 30th.

I’ll keep this post updated with the list of registered players as registrations come in.

Registered Competitors

Memory League Name Art of Memory Forum Name
Abraham Saynes @Abrahamsaynes
Abstractguy @Abstractguy
Ahmed Gabr @Ahmed2008
Alexander Panfilov @Alex92
Alex G @AlexGo
Al Houseen Hekal @AlHouseen
AmBear @AmBear
Andrea Muzii @AndreaMuzii
Andrej Savickij @Sava
Andrey Safronov @AndreySafronov
Anu Purevod @anupurevod
Arnaud Fegman @Arnaud_Fegman
Boris Konrad @Boris
Braden Adams @BradenExplosion
Brainrunning @Brainrunning
:fire:BurningDesire :fire: @BurningDesire
:zap:Byambaaa17 :zap: @blabla17
Christian Schäfer @Christian
ClaireBookworm @ClaireBookworm
comeon @comeon
Daniel Evans @DanEvans
daoud74 @daoud74
david.petrosius @DPetrosius
Dimi @myelife
Dominik Kobinski @Dominduchami
emma.cofw @EmmaAlam1
Erdene @MegaMemo
Erol Ozvatan @Erol
Eugene @Stanichnikov
Finwing @Finwing
Florian Minges @FlorianMinges
Frank Grube @FrankGrube
Goblacklist France 78+92 @goblacklist
guilfoyled @guilfoyled
Guillaume Petit-Jean @guillaumepetitjean
ian.fennell @Ian_Fennell
Ilya Gubenko @Ilya_Gubenko
Issa Almgadmi - Kurapika - @IssaKurapika
Jan Zoń @zonjan
Johannes Mallow @Hannes
John Doyle @vita
John Graham @Johnnyworldwide
Kazuki @KAZUKI
Kevin Schulz @Philodoof
k.joy5 @k.joy5
KMChris @KMChris
koba @koba
Konstantin Skudler @Konsti
ksamotiy @ksamotiyy
Léo Lebarque @Wist
Leonid_Rakhmanov @Leonid
lexa.robingud @AlekseyYudenko
Lkhagvadulam Enkhtuya @Lkhagvadulam03
Luisi @SimonLuisi
maral munkhochir @maral03
Maral Sukhbaatar @Maral_30
Martyna Grela @MartynaGrela
Max @MaxiDi
Minnet @Minnet
Mohamed Ramadan @mohamed22
nabeel.cofw @nabeel.cofw
nELSON @climbformemory @Anu2
Norias @ck10
notariat-mo @SmartaBond
Orkhan Ibadov @Orxan
Paweł Duraj @pawelduraj
Paweł Milczarek @finian
Puje @Puje
PutinZhang @burnner
QuaraMan @QuaraMan
Raja Dodve @Rajadodve786
rajkumar @Rajkumargtk
random @random_username
Sanchit Sharma @Shasan
Sarul @sarul
sfep @sfep
Silvio @SilvioSDF
Silvio B. @SilvioB
Simon Orton @Simon
Simon Reinhard @SimonReinhard
sirc @sirc
Stork @Stork
Sylvain Arvidieu @Sylle
Tanka @Tanka
The Crazy Man @abderrahman1672
Therandomdude @Cuber_Athlete
Tomas Derville @Tomas31200
Voevoda @Voevoda

May the fourth be with you :wink:

( Of course I am in !)

Remember Memory League May, free subscription to everyone who is actively training or playing matches! =)


By the way, how will the finals look like? ( so we know in advance)

In this time.


Can I Take a part This Season

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I’m in!

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Can I also be a part of this years league as well?

im in

I am in!

I’m in! :smiley:

Is it possible to compete in the League, if I have only the trial account?

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Yes, you can (and should :slight_smile: ) join. Moreover:
“League players without full access can now play any number of league matches in one day”.


Thanks, I’ll join then :slight_smile:

71 Signups so far.
Next highest, apart from Season 3 with 72 Signups.
We are close, we can make this even bigger!!!

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I didn’t find my name in the list!!

Hi @SmartaBond, I emailed you a couple of days ago as your Art of Memory account wasn’t activated. Maybe my emails went to your spam folder. Anyway, you’re on the list now!


Super excited to join again, this time with no school to worry about :stuck_out_tongue: Also, more time since there is no excuse to leave the house.

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The divisions have now been set up, and you should see them on the League page of the Memory League site.

For any newcomers to the league, here are some instructions on how to play.

You need to arrange and play 5 matches (4 matches for divisions 5b and 5c) over the next 6 weeks. The League page has a weekly schedule that you may wish to follow, but it’s fine to play the matches at any time or out of order.

Please don’t change your username during the championship.

Arranging matches with your opponents

  1. Indicate your availability by ticking the appropriate boxes on the Availability table on your division’s League page. You can enter your availability for the next 7 days. All times are in your local time zone.
  2. At the bottom of your division’s League page, you’ll find a link to a private message here in the forum. Use that private message to write messages to your opponents to arrange a match time.
  3. Once you’ve arranged a match date and time, enter it into the Schedule field on the League page which shows that match, using your local time zone. If the time is already there, your opponent has entered it, so there’s no need for you to.

Playing matches

  1. At the scheduled match time, the competitor whose name appears on the left should challenge their opponent using the Compete page in Memory League. Choose the Specific option, enter your opponent’s name, and select the event you’d like to play first.
  2. When it’s time to choose the game type, choose League to identify the game as part of the Online Memory League Championship.
  3. The choice of event then alternates until each player has chosen 3 events (6 games in total). A player cannot choose the same event twice, and they cannot choose both Names and International Names.
  4. There is no need to notify anyone of the match results - an administrator will check the League games via the Home page and update the league tables.
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I should clarify that divisions a, b and c at each level are equal, and competitors have been randomly allocated to a, b or c.

For division 1, the semi-finals will be played by the top competitor in each of divisions 1a, 1b, and 1c, plus the best 2nd-placed competitor from those divisions.