First Remote Memory League Championship - registration

Here comes the registration form for the first Remote ML Championship which will be held on the 23rd and 24th of May 2020. Please read all the information before registering and make sure to pay the registration fee in order to secure your spot in the tournament !

PS: some details are still being discussed about the format and seeding, please bear with us :bear:


Great job @Sylvain =)

Are the matchups flexible during these days? Since I realized that I might have something going on; thus wanting to schedule the matches in some ways.


The scheduling details aren’t fixed yet. There might be some flexibility, but if you miss a scheduled match, there’s a good chance it will lead to your forfeiting the match, we can’t really guarantee much at the moment. The best thing to do is to register if you can fully commit on that day.


Can I compete if I do not have a purchased Memory League account?
Thank you


Yes, you don’t need a paid Memory League account to compete.


I have two questions. :question:
First, do we have to use only computers or can we memorize and compete using phones? Because I don’t know why, but here in Uzbekistan, I can’t access ML website without VPN which I have only on my phone. (The same was last year with Facebook and some other sites when their IPs were blocked here)
Second - I need to video translate my screen, face and another camera should record from the back side, yes?

Thank you in advance :smile:

Is there a way to pay you without creating an account in paypal? Can be in paypal but I just don’t feel like creating an account in paypal.

You may use your phone, I think that’s fine. The requirements are to be able to show your face during the matches and to record yourself from the back, that’s correct!

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… unfortunately I don’t really feel like thinking of alternative payment methods!

Then I guess I will have to create an account in paypal.

So I have sent the money through paypal, my name is interestedbuyer, also I have filled in the form.

Thank you!

What’s deadline to register/pay?

I’m in the process of writing the post about exactly this :slight_smile: It’ll be on the 15/05

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Thank you!

Time for more information regarding the first Remote Memory League Championship!

(edited with updated registration deadline)
(now also edited with more specific information about the seeding)

The deadline for registering to the competition has been set to the 16th of May. Keep in mind that you need to have registered using the form and paid the registration fee in order to be include in the draw, which will be performed on May 17th.

The competition window for Day 1 has been reduced to 1pm-5pm @ GMT+2 and should be slightly larger on Day 2 for the knockout phase (including the main knockout table and the “second chance” one).

The seeding will be based on the competitors’ single best recent score for each of the five disciplines that will be used in the competition (all but Names).

The ML usernames of the current confirmed competitors are the following:


Ben Pridmore

Daniel Evans

Sylvain Arvidieu


Florian Minges

Mohamed Ramadan

Paweł Milczarek

Jan-Hendrik Büscher

Boris Konrad

Frank Grube

Jan Zoń

fares mohamed

Christian Schäfer

Andrea Muzii

Simon Reinhard

Ahmed Gabr


Orkhan Ibadov

Sanchit Sharma




Al Houseen Hekal






We also have received a payment from an Arianna Leidi who hasn’t actually registered, let us know if you know her ! :slight_smile:

If you have registered and your name isn’t on the list above, do contact us. Also, remember that it is expected that your webcam stream will be broadcast live (along with commentating!) and that you will need to provide over-the-shoulder footage (details will be provided shortly to everyone participating).

Looking forward to this first milestone !

First Remote Memory League Championships - seeding

As mentioned in a previous post, the seeding is based on your best recent score in each of the 5 events. Here are the current standings. The deadline for improving your seeding (and for registration, including payment) is May 16th, that is the coming Saturday at midnight (GMT+2).

The draw, on Sunday, will be based on these rankings, so make sure to play a number of ranked matches on Memory League before then!


Last call for the First Remote ML Championships

The first championship day is approaching fast, we would like to remind you that the deadline for registration and payment is May 16th at midnight GMT+2. If you’re a minor (under 18), you’ll need to have provided parental authorization by then.

One small change is that the seeding window is extended until May 19th at midnight GMT+2 (despite it saying “May 20th” at the moment on the seeding page).

Remember that in order to participate you have to:

  • be familiar with the ML format!
  • agree to have your face broadcast during memo and recall phases
  • have access to a second recording/streaming device for an over-the-shoulder view of yourself (technical details will be given soon to everyone registered, let us know if you have concerns)
  • agree to use your full name during the competition
  • understand that a non-justified no-show during the competition will result in automatic match loss.

In the meantime, keep on training ! :slight_smile:


The live seedings can be seen here:!/championships/remote2020/seeding

As noted above, competitors have until Tuesday May 19th to improve their seeding with a recent best score in a rated game.

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I’ve just realized that my level is nowhere near this competition. Is there a possibility of getting money back?