Speed Cards World Record 12.74 seconds - Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh

Great video:


So yeah… I’m not going to choose cards against him in the Online Memory League Championship.

It’s ridiculous that I’m in the same division as he is :grin:


Is the standard to round to the hundreds place in memory events? The impression I get from cubing (though I could be wrong) is that people tend to truncate to the hundreds place.

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On a bad day, I sometimes struggle to remember 12.74 cards in 60 seconds! :slight_smile:

That result is absolutely amazing. To watch him race through those cards was just breath-taking.

What an achievement. It makes you wonder where the limit is. Much like athletics, it’s eventually going to come down to hundredths or thousands of a second. Either way, we must be closing in on it.



Please explain what happens about a 1:39 in? He memorizes the cards, then please explain the method used to prove it. I am missing what happens after the memorizing. Thank you

There are three stages in Speed Cards with physical cards:

  1. Memorization - memorize a shuffled deck as fast as possible
  2. Recall - arrange a second deck to match the deck memorized, in a maximum of 5 minutes
  3. Checking - the original deck and recall deck are compared card by card to see how many cards were recalled correctly.

The video here only shows the memorization and the checking stages.

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Thank you