A deck of cards under 20s and 80 digits under 20s

is it possible to memorize a deck of cards under 20s with 1 cards system ?
is it possible to memorize 80 digits under 20s with 2 digits system?

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It has been already done :blush:.


I think it is possible to achieve 20 sec with 2 digit system.
If you combine 2 images in one by interconnecting and store in one loci than I think it can possible like images in ML.

Like if you have 2 digit major system or any system.
Than 1277 - Tin Cake (you connect both images and think that this is only one image and store in memory palace.

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As I know, each one of Mongolian mnemoteam uses PAO both for cards and numbers events.
Shijiir’s WR in speed cards established with PAO. 12 secs are pretty much below 20 (If I’m not mistaken thinking PAO is a 1-card system)
As for numbers under 20s, there is a video proving it’s possible. Search it on YT with " Purevjav ERDENESAIKHAN - Numbers"

See here…

As far as the 80 digits, just do the math for the deck of cards, where each card is equivalent to a double digit number… 3 cards in 17 locations gives you 51 plus one card left over.

So, 6 digits times 17 locations is 102, which is more than 80.

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