So sad I almost memorized 18 random digits perfectly in less than 2 seconds

I want to scream my lungs out!!! It was a very sad moment when I saw that I missed the last digit

you can watch me here doing this


Dude… what? how?

Can you explain what you saw and what was going through your mind? I’d love to know as much details as possible

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I saw on the screen a snake jumping over a wall on a chair and then the devil sitting outside a car and take a picture of an old women and then I saw a women sitting on a computer and gun that shoots on her face!

I’m still at the stage where my mind goes… ooh 18 that’s Hitler, 45… DE … right Dr. Evil

Are you saying there is a level where the number itself doesn’t even register, but rather the image?

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I cant see mental images inside my mind so i see them on screen i have something that calls aphantasia

You don’t have aphantasia. If you had it, you wouldn’t be able to see something on your screen either.


Let me explain you something how my mind works. when I see for example the number 58 I see a snake because the shape of the number 58 looks like a snake for me that’s why I mean I see pictures on the screen


What do you see in your mind when you look at the number 5371? What about 4591?

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53 71 - Handcuffs - Fire Extinguisher
I locked handcuffs on Fire extinguisher


45 91 - Kite - Spacesuit

Kite tied on Spacesuit.



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that was close! I hope soon 18 in less 1.5s

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In this topic over 2 years ago you simply said that you were using a regular PAO system with method of loci.

But now 2 years later you claim you have synaesthesia and aphantasia and just “see” the images in your mind without techniques?

i have Aphantasia! and about the example i use pao just like everybody else. my english is not good enough and its hard to explain for me. thats what i said in this topic

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I’m sorry if there’s a language barrier and I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to say, but this just sounds like you have synaesthesia:

"when I look deep inside at the mirror and focus on the digits I see many stories. I also see the digits just like they are covered in colors with a unique sound. you are probably would never understand these stories. because when normal person see the number 45 it probably means nothing for him it’s just a number but when I see 4591 I see a person who is burning alive. when I see the number 26 I can hear from the mirror a person who is singing for me a nice song but when I see the number 67 I hear horrible voice of person that screams and begs for his life. I swear to you I’m not kidding or joking that’s how my brain really works after seen thousands of digits for years and years. "

Aphantasia + synaesthesia cannot be together ?

It might be possible to have both… I really wouldn’t know. But that wasn’t what I was alluding to.
My point what that you said you used PAO like everybody else while also seeming to be claiming synesthesia.

Especially since this thread didn’t have any mention of memory techniques and led me to believe you were somehow memorising using only the images you see from the synesthesia

You also say " I can’t visualize mental images because my mind’s eye is totally blind"
That seems like it would be difficult to use a PAO system in that case… doesn’t it?

When you memorised these 18 digits in 2 seconds, did you do so with PAO and the method of loci, or did you see synesthetic images?

synesthetic images

can anybody tell me if there is a limit for my short term memory?

another improvement :slight_smile:
ok this my last video I post here. now I’ll start working on a 3 digit system then i’ll be back to the forum with new surprises :sunglasses:

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