My sad story and my stupid mind

when I look deep inside at the mirror and focus on the digits I see many stories. I also see the digits just like they are covered in colors with a unique sound. you are probably would never understand these stories. because when normal person see the number 45 it probably means nothing for him it’s just a number but when I see 4591 I see a person who is burning alive. when I see the number 26 I can hear from the mirror a person who is singing for me a nice song but when I see the number 67 I hear horrible voice of person that screams and begs for his life. I swear to you I’m not kidding or joking that’s how my brain really works after seen thousands of digits for years and years. I just wanted to vent because deep inside my mind there are many wars you would never understand I’m just looking for a peace in life. anyway I’m one of the most losers memory athletes ever in the history because 99% of the memory athletes see mental images inside their minds but I see these images inside the mirror because I can’t visualize mental images because my mind’s eye is totally blind

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So you can’t visualise mental image’s without context but you can imagine things when you look at numbers?

I’m curious what’s going on as well.

  1. You said that your mind’s eye is totally blind (so you have Aphantasia?)

  2. But you said that 4591 gives you a visual image

  3. I’m not sure what you mean by seeing things inside the mirror

Sounds like you have synaesthesia, just like the famous Solomon Shereshevsky. I’m immediately sceptical though… experience has taught us that probably 95% of people who claim synaesthesia are faking it, including the world famous Daniel Tammet. If you are serious though, there are places where they can test the consistency of your experiences, to see if what you have is really synaesthesia.

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95% of people who calm to have synesthesia probably does not have it? May i ask for reference?

I don’t have a reference. And it’s almost certainly not 95%, that was just a figure of speech. But the point is that after many years dealing with and reading about people who claim synaesthesia, it is clear that almost all of them are untruthful.

Sorry if it is considered as spam, but I found that I should make a minor corrections.

Got it, i was curious because i think that i have synesthesia, (it existed since i remember, first test available on web confirm this) i read some publications, and (i know that they may not be reliable) some posts on reedit of people calming to have synesthesia. A lot of them sounded for me convincing enough. So how do you tell that someone may fake it? (But it may be question for another topic.)

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