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Hey there fellow mnemonauts,

I feel this should be included somewhere, maybe in a “welcome to the site” e-mail, or FAQ, or just something in the sidebar that displays a single post a day. This is of course, the very best of the posts on mnemotechnics/artofmemory. Only rule- You cannot post your own threads as the best(I’m really disappointed :stuck_out_tongue: ).

For me, the most useful/interesting/awesome/helpful/ posts I have read on this site(in no order) have to be:

Gavino’s Massive Memory Palace System(And its offspring Practical Examples)

  • Great explanation of multi-level memory palaces, it is not always very intuitive to think of it. It explains how you can use the very many mini-palaces that you have in your head to expand exponentially your normal memory palaces. It also shows some examples that many will find useful, like using movie scenes as memory palaces. Who would think of that?

On that note, r30’s post: Guide…movies/tv-shows…as memory palaces explains that specific method in much more detail.

Following with r30, his posts “r30’s Transformation Method” and “Behind->Front Technique” are very useful and show ideas you may not have thought of before. R30’s Transformation Method is a way to link object by transforming them into each other, as opposed to connecting them by events or whatever other method. Behind-> Front Technique explains why you should walk your journeys backwards, thus enabling you to link any pair of loci you have already passed through without having to turn yourself around. Because you can easily see all the “passed through” loci any time, you look at them more times and thus they stick better into your memory.

“Many useful tips…vocabulary” Is a post that contains… well, it’s pretty obvious what it contains. Very useful for people that want to memorize lots of vocabulary.

LociInTheSky posted “A New 2 Card System” detailing his inventive Shadow System, which can work using 1352 or 2704 images.

Lembran Sar’s post on “Remembering every day that passes” really inspired and Wow’d me. It’s such a simple concept, just remember one image a day. Easy enough, right? It still feels very amazing.

Achievements of the community can also be used for inspiration and as a demonstration of what these techniques can do.

I obviously missed some, you guys will probably fill in, I don’t have time to go over every post on this website(for the second time), I gotta run, I’ll update soon,




Good choice, Bateman :slight_smile:

For me, your posts are the most interesting ones :-). My favourite one is your initial Memory Palace wiki page - picking places like walls and corners is a fast way to get more loci when I am missing some. And before reading that page I firmly believed that reusing palaces for long term memorization is not possible. Another good way to get more loci is using Video Game Memory Palaces, my favourite was the “jumping closet” video - these interactive objects make really good loci, because it’s just impossible to forget them.

New Getting Started Guide is much more newbie-friendly than the previous one. I liked the idea of using Mnemonic Clock as daily calendar and as a tool to perceive the passing of time. And Emotional Memory Palace is a completely new type of palace - a palace where you enter to make you feel better and give you strength (or the opposite), or a tool to make you be convinced/believer in something. Thank you, Bateman, for these wonderful posts!

Now, if to continue with palaces eliciting emotions, then the most surprising post in this forum was top’s Really scared when meeting myself in my palace. I guess one really can freak himself out, if he/she has very vivid visualization.

Nerto’s Inverted Memory Palace changed my view of memory palaces: instead of deducing locus -> item that you placed there, you deduce item -> the locus where it was placed. And there is a tutorial that uses this technique for memorizing long numbers.

Now some interesting posts in Psychology and Health category: Using your hands to improve creativeness/working memory and Walking is good for creativity can be helpful, if you’re stuck somewhere and need some creativity boost. What is you strategy for fitness and nutrition? reveals some really strict diets of different mnemonists.

That’s all that I can think of now.

Thanks r30. I’m honored :crown:

That initial wiki page resulted from being tired of answering the same exact questions from every newbie on the site :smiley:
I also like the ideas you added on to that page, such as the idea of changing background images being enough to make a new locus, by doing something like turning around in a journey, and looking at loci from a completely different angle.

I agree, that post on being scared of meeting oneself was interesting to say the least. At first I thought it was a troll, but turns out he was honest. I also found it innovative how Nerto’s Inverted Palace just flipped everything upside down in terms of memorizing in memory palaces.

Very good additions(I’m biased of course, since half of them are my posts).


Great thread lotta info, love it.

Thanks for starting this, Bateman. And thanks for the great additions, Simon.

Bookmarked and will share as often as occasion permits.

Great to follow an inspired memory athlete

Well, the best of all times!

I learned a great deal here. This thread made a difference. Thanks Zoomy. Other memory champions should start their own.

Interesting thread.

I like the humor.

Good to know.

That’s a feisty thread but still fun to read.

I chose this one for personal reasons.

Surely I miss others but this is what comes to mind first.
Edit: Added is

This thread is about understanding why and how images are memorized in a journey.

Very good additions Simon, especially “ask a memory champion”. Tons of useful info there. (as well as maybe 30 comments asking Ben for his ebook)

Thanks G.E. Winter and Metivier for liking this thread.


awesome bro ive been looking at a few of your posts (stalking haha) i will chexk some of these posts now mate :slight_smile:

Just wanted to make sure I made the cut.

You are indeed a man of taste,