Best method to memorize appointment dates and times for month

I have seen some of this posted around this site and was wondering if someone had a better method for memorizing appointments and meeting times during the week.

Basically, 1 building with 12floors, each floor = 1month.

For each floor, you have 1-31 rooms
acronyms to remember numbers on each room -
1=sun… 2 = socks, etc.

ROYGBIV colors tells you what day of the week it is and is the color of the door to walk into

In each room you have a car.

In car, you basically have 6AM to 6PM landmarks to place your meetings in


Rearview mirror = noon, passenger airbag = 2pm, etc

So 1:1 with the boss would on Tuesday June 2nd at Noon would be -

6th Floor - room 2 (with Sock on it, colored Orange), sitting in the car you would see your boss in the rearview mirror.

Please no iPhone apps or route memorization (writing 10x the meeting times, etc)



Hi Charliemac
Welcome to the forum.

I like your method!
I like your idea about the days of the week with colours also.

Not sure if it’s better, I think it may differ for each individual, but I’ve also done something similar to your method, on this links below;

These mnemonics are for all the needed images for setting and remembering appointments, dates etc.

* Months Of The Year

* 31 Days Of The Month

* 7 Days Of The Week

* 24 Hour Clock

And for ther days of the week I’ve created images for each day, on this link;

And for the 31 days, I’ve also used my images here;

And the Months of the year images here;

I like this example.
Do you always imagine the same car with the same parts to represent each hour?
Is it not confusing for different dates?
How do you know what floor you are at?

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I can totally see how you would use the method you just describe. My question is why do you need to memorize everything ahead of you even if it is months away?

What I would recommend is having 2 or maybe 3 memory palaces with 31 locations in them. Every day of the month is represented by the location. 1st is the 1st location in the palace, 2nd day is the second location and so on. I would use palace 1 to memorize all my appointments for June. Then when things start popping up for July, I would use memory palace 2.I would do the same for August and use palace 3.

By the time you get to August, all the images in the June palace would be gone. So you can reuse that palace to memorize the appointments, dates, and times for September. You don’t need to remember what happened on the months that passed.

If there are days that have multiple things, you would just use the story method in that specific location.

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Hi Erol, thank you this is very useful!



Thank you. Let us know how it’s working for you.

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Thanks for the questions.

I think the strengths of the method are that you can tell which month you are in based on the floor you choose at the bottom of the elevator

The challenges is right still how to match the meeting times to areas within the car dashboard as I am now seeing within the car you are a little limited to what you are can anchor to (ie the rear view, etc). Also getting into the cars day by day can get boring. I’ve also used the color of the week to also match the car. So Monday is red car, orange is Tuesday, etc

I was also thinkinjing instead of the car dash that within the room instead of the car could be boxes with appointment times


Just checking to see if you have visited the links I’ve provided?
You may find some answers that maybe useful for you.

To represents the months, you’d need 12 different images. Same as the rooms, you’d need 31 images. If you are using a Car image, it may get confusing if you have more than a few appointment.

I think it maybe better to just use the area of the actual place you have an appointment at.

So if you had an appointment at the Dentist, simply place an image that would remind you of the Dentist. Perhaps an image of a “Tooth”, or even the treatment room itself.

Here I have an example of how I use this Mnemonic clock that covers the area with the meeting times. Hope you find it useful, ot it may give you some more ideas;

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That memorizing method seems interesting…Will see if it works for me

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