Mnemonic CLOCK. With Number Shapes

I’ve been looking for something like this but could not find one. So I created it myself.
Since I’ve created the mnemonics for the months, I thought it might be handy to have a Mnemonic Clock.

This can perhaps be very useful for appointments, to do list etc.
It can also be used as a 24 stops memory palace too.

What would you guys use it for?


Great idea. The inner circle has number shapes for 1-12 and the outer circle for 13-24?


Thank you Josh.
Yes the inner is from 1-12 and outer is 13-24.

So if you had an appointment at the dentist at 2.15 pm,
you’d have a Dinosaur pushing a Wheelchair at the dentist desk or inside the treatment room.

I think it can also be used as a small journey too.

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