Ben Pridmore's Mnemonic Images in a Music Video

Ben Pridmore memorizes a deck of playing cards and the film shows his mnemonic images. Very interesting!

DJ Shadow “Scale It Back”

He describes it here:

This is the sequence of cards for the image:
5h 3h 8c 2c Ac 3d 6c 6d Ah 4s 2s Kc 9s 8s Ad 7d 4c 5d Qs 5s 10h 3c Jc 3s Kd 6s 9d 5c 8h Jd 7h 10c 4h 9c 2h Qd 8h 7c 10s Qh 7c 6h 9h 4d As 8d Ks Kh 2d 10d Js 7s

Some of the images are changed from the ones in my head, mainly for copyright reasons - the generic pterodactyl is actually Dac from the cartoon Dinobabies (this pterodactyl was much more nice and friendly than mean old Dac), the street-fighter in my head is actually Fuuma from World Heroes, but I just said "street-fighter" and the producers interpreted that as Chun Li, the owl should be an eagle, but eagles aren't easily available in Cardiff, and so on. But apart from that, the interactions and the flow from one scene to another are exactly as they appear in my brain! It's really an uncannily accurate representation of what I'm thinking!

I think it’s brilliant seeing what’s going on in the mind of Ben. Those images/animations certainly not something you’d see in everyday life. It’s fascinating to see how the kind of stories are created in the mind of a mnemonist. I sometimes laugh my head off to see a combination with my images while memorising because they are so unusual and so funny.


This video is still the coolest thing I’ve ever done, and a perfect way to illustrate what goes through our minds when we memorise a pack of cards! :smiley:


I really liked the end with a surprise of you coming out of the big cake and telling the audience what was going on in your mind at a super speed :slight_smile:
Most people who are not into memory stuff would think you/us are all mad :slight_smile:
Hope you got paid for this!

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I honestly don’t remember, but I think I got something like £200 for doing this one. I would have gladly done it for free, to create something as cool as this!


Ben,I request you to please read my post whose link is,Cheers.

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So much so that instead of me trying to explain to others why I am muttering to myself over a deck of cards to the alarm of passersby; intoning such things as’ Odin-white knickers-car wax-half an orange-Nena’ and as you & I share the same tailor ( if your blog be believed) the aura of ‘don’t make eye contact with the strange man , dear’ is complete; I simply tell people to youtube Ben Pridmore and DJ shadow.


26 seconds nice time by Ben.
@Zoomy what is you PB at home?


A very useful video to see. What I don’t understand is how images don’t get out of sync or missed. Are there peg check points? Is the rhythm of the music in use?

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