Combining various techniques

Can anyone tell me how can i combine memory palace with story /link method and mnemonics too.

It depends on what you’d like to memorize, I think.

I have memorized the Swiss Constitution (Art. # + keyword what it’s about) and I plan on going in a little more detail by using the story method and adding that story to the locus where I already have the Art. and a keyword.

I’ll probably do it like this:
There will be a TV or something like that, that shows the story I want to add (for more detail) next to what I already have in that locus. This way, the added story won’t make the location too crowded. The location itself is not filled with all of it, it’s just the # + keyword + TV that shows the story. So I can focus on the TV to see the story (linked together). It’s like the story is contained inside the TV, and only starts playing when I focus on it. Does that make sense? :thinking:
I tried this and it seemed to work. But I have not done it many times so I can’t really tell you if it’s a good way to memorize more detail.


Can i place a board with stories on it in my palace

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You should try if that works for you.
It’s the same with all memory techniques: You only know which ones work best for you once you tried them.


Can anyone tell more @Josh

You can combine them like SilvioB mentioned, expanding the amount of information that is kept in a location. Experimentation is a good idea.

If you have multiple stories memorized, and are losing track of them, you could index them with a memory journey.

You could also try memorizing with a story and using the locations as a backdrop – I might be mistaken, but I think zoomy has mentioned doing something like that: