Symbol Memorization Script

This discussion thread is about the symbol memorization script. It is continued from the discussion in the card memorization thread.

There’s currently a bug when using that script in Google Chrome. For now you can use Firefox. Is also a problem with the left side getting cut off on mobile phones. The next update (soon) will fix those problems.

Please post any bug reports and suggestions for improving the script below. :slight_smile:

I might be able to help with Chrome since I’ve chosen that as the primary API model for offline Javascript apps, let me know

Thanks! After a bit of research, it looks like the problem is with Google Chrome’s lack of support for many Unicode characters. I think we’re going to have to switch the symbols around a little bit to find ones that work.

These should work in Chrome – testing. . . . ↣ ↮ ∇ ≢ ⊘ ╟ ▓

Update: this will be fixed with a different symbol set soon. After that, we will add more symbols to make it even more complicated. The additional ones will be in a different format that will work on any browser.

Yea… it’s the most bizarre thing, Chrome 40 on Windows supports a different set of Unicode Characters than Chrome 40 on Chrome OS (probably Mac and other Linux distro’s too), definitely ran into that problem before

Do the world memory champignons share their images and their Journey, giving details of everything ? ?


Not for the symbol memorization script, but Ben shared some of his images in this video:

Thanks for sharing that video