Advanced Memory Palace Tips Discussion

I thought we could start a thread that compiles everyone’s favorite memory palace tips that go beyond the basics.

You can write your tips from scratch or link to existing forum posts. This can also help us find the most useful information about the method of loci in the forum.

Here are a few useful posts to start:


I only recently discovered this older thread, begun by Mayarra, that is definitely worth reading:



yes…Mayarra’s memory city is very nice!

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I’m not sure if my link qualifies to be here, but it may give some ideas on how to create a palace using the existing persons.

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Memory Palaces For Reverse Lookup

In calendar date calculation you have the option of storing your Major System images 00-99 in seven different memory palaces to avoid calculating the step for the year code.

Each of these palaces then represents a number between 0 - 6 (Sun, Mon, etc.) and for each palace you’d use a location that reminds you of that particular day. For example, Sunday reminds you of relaxing in your garden and Monday reminds you of the office.

Unlike a regular palace you are not really interested in traversing the information in each of the palaces. All you wan’t to know is the location that you’ve placed a particular number, to then determine which of the seven palaces you’re in:

Oct 1, 2040

40 = RS = Ross from Friends who you’ve placed at the coffee maker in your office… there you go… he’s in your Monday memory palace and thus the answer is 1 for the year code*.

*Answer to the date is also Monday by the way because the rest equates to 0

The difference here is, that you are not really interested in what’s going on in the palace itself… the numbers before and after 40 are 35 and 57 respectively; however, that is completely irrelevant to what you are interested in.