Adapting the Loci Method for everyday use

Loci’s method is very good for memorizing a lot of information, but it requires planning. With that in mind, I decided to share with you an adaptation of the loci method to memorize a small, disposable list or to store specific information about a person or about yourself. Come on!
This consists of using one’s own body or someone else’s body as a memory palace. Each part of the body can be used as a reference.
For example, imagine that you need to memorize a quick and disposable list (shopping list, task list, etc.) here I will use an example of random words: ballet, football, painting, book, meditation.
First place: hair or head. Imagine you have a ballerina dancing in your head and remember ballet.
Second place: eyes. Imagine that you are crying and instead of tears, tiny soccer balls come out and remember soccer.
Third place: nose. Imagine that someone did a beautiful painting on your nose and remember painting.
fourth place: mouth. Imagine you’re swallowing a book.
fifth place: shoulders. Imagine Buddha meditating on your shoulder and remember meditation. And so on!
Now imagine you have to memorize a person’s phone number. Use the system you prefer to create images for the numbers and associate them with the person’s body parts, as in the example above. This way, you will remember the person’s phone number (or the information you want to memorize) when you think of them and so you can memorize information for many people, without worrying about the location you will use. It’s just an idea, tell me what you think. Sorry for English.


apparently this is not exactly a new adaptation hahaha I’ve been researching the forum and found that the vast majority of my techniques and adaptations already exist … :frowning:


Hi Luca, I use the body system as a quick memory palace on the fly for memorising phone numbers mostly, and when necessary, some other information . It’s one of the most useful quick loci method for memorising almost anything.

It’s great to see you are using as well. And it seems you are already very good at it.

This forum is very rich in topics and contents with most of the known systems and methods, so it’s always a good idea to do a quick search.

I mentioned the body method in one of my posts here;

The body system is great, and it’s a winner every time. Amazingly, it also works on the body of animals using the same methods. I also use the same method with my Car & Motorbike. It seems to work just as good.


I’ve considered using other people as memory palaces but never got around to doing it. I see how much this would help me now that you mentioned it. At work, when I receive instructions for 5 or 6 moves from my manager I can encode it onto him or her while they are talking and not have to turn my eyes away to encode the info to my own body. I’ll try it with customers also.


Well @lucadeloci can you tell the idea which makes your method work as I am trying to combine your great adaptation of the method of Loci with the Dual Mapping Technique but I have not succeeded can you give me some suggestions for that or can you combine both of the methods yourself,


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Simply imagine the human body as a memory palace and the body parts as a loci. So you don’t have to travel mentally to another place when you need to memorize something on the street or in the presence of someone else. The overlapping technique seems to me to be a fantastic idea in addition to this technique