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What method did you use to memorize 30 words in 30 seconds and was it words you already knew?


Perhaps are you asking for ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ while linking and using the mind palace?

You do not actually have to do this but what they mean is visualize something that really stands out.

What stands out to you, for most people it is the very unexpected things like they open the door to their home and then they see a monkey and ant marrying inside of it. This is then deemed ‘crazy’.

Training, watch some sources with vivid visuals, try to feel the sensations of the visuals and pay more attention to them. The vividness has a lot to do with the speed and detail of your visualization. Try speeding it up, try seeing and feeling a lot more detail.

As for how to do this. When you see the visuals in your head try to visualize them becoming more detailed, perhaps touch an object and visualize how it feels like on the palm of your hand.

Again as for how to do this, when you touch something physically you get this kind of sensation that stays a little after you touch it, you are going to try feeling your body in your head to try invoking this sensation. Afterwards you may start to feel it when you actually touch an object.

If you really don’t seem to be able to do this then try touching an object and visualizing touching it after alternatively until you can kind of get the same sensation without touching it.

As stated above(for each sense), however what helps me visualize more detail and color to my experience is watching something that already has vibrant colors and details such as anime.

This seems a lot more fundamental, essentially you visualize a person throwing a ball then you are visualizing the ball moving too, if you can’t do this without someone interacting you can practice this slowly then speed up.

Watch more sources of the kind you want to think in, in this way you will have more data and it will be much easier. If you want a quicker way, then first stare at whatever type of picture you want to visualize, and try to visualize that and gradually change it or visualize other things in this style.

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Congrats on your current personal best: 30 words in 30 seconds is already an extremely good performance! If you can keep that tempo and accuracy while memorising for 1 full minute, you’d be among the best in the world (not kidding). However… I wrote a reply in your earlier thread and I will write it here too: your goal of 100 words in under 1 minute is extremely unrealistic.

Your bio here on the Forum says that you are from Nepal. Did you get the impression that 100 words in under 1 minute should be possible based of what you have seen from the “memory king”? There have been two posts recently in this forum about what he allegedly is able to do:

I’d highly recommend you to read the answers, especially to the 2nd topic. @Josh made several comments there that I think sums it up quite nicely. The bottom line: based on all that we know about memory techniques and the best verified performances (as of today), memorising 100 words in under a minute is impossible.


Maybe you have to practice for a longer time. Three months are possibly not enough to be twice as fast as the best memory athletes in the world, some of whom have been in training for years or even decades already.

Just my two cents.


It also helps to go much quicker than you are used to, at some point you really need to do this to improve, that may be this point. While your accuracy may suffer initially it gets better as you get quicker, you gain more control.

Taking a short break helps too if you have been doing it too consistently, sometimes you will find that after a break you suddenly are much better able to improve.


I ignored memory palace (locations) for 20 years and hence could not reap the major benefits of memory techniques till then. I used major system for numbers and some association in those 20 years.

Major breakthrough happened when I really understood the importance of location and the natural way my brain just knows the location and need not spend any time to remember it. Now I am able to retain long lists, many topics and long passages using the memory palace, linking, association and images.

I wonder why someone can leave locations out of the techniques. I believe once we understood the significance of location in retention we never look back.


but how did he did if it is not possible ?

I agree! Location/Spatial Memory is the most(or only!) important thing in the world of mnemonic…

but it takes time to code the information

You are right. Including location and attaching new information to existing location knowledge takes time. So does the other methods even rote memorization takes time.

We need to choose a technique which will yield more ROI. If the location technique gives us more retention then we may choose that one for certain information.

Once we know that it takes time, we can start figuring out ways to reduce that time. Like when I attend a new lecture or seminar which is important to me, I already prepare a good memory palace location in my mind (priming) and when the seminar starts it is quicker to attach the information to that palace.

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Thanks but isn’t there any technique of visualization that takes less time to code information

I believe some considerable time will always be needed to associate images and making connections with the new information. When people do that quickly they have done priming earlier, for example if you develop a POA system that is a considerable time already spent to fix the images for common steps in order and while learning new knowledge you just apply the associations with the existing system quickly.

Here using POA is say 70% time already spent in developing POA which is reusable by the way. and only 30% time then needed to associate new information. This I will say will be one technique to reduce the time needed for retaining new knowledge.

but how can i make a system like pao for random words

By using “Alphabet Peg Lists”!!

can you explain more about this

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The world record , atm, is what? 300 odd words in 15 minutes-something like that? I would hesitate to say 100 random words in under a minute can’t be done but it would put you beyond mnemonics, beyond chick-sexing, beyond bored-on-a-blue-daze , beyond S. and beyond even perhaps Peek’ian ‘scanning’.

I just play some memory games for kids with pictures freememorygame. And then memorising 10 words in one minute for a week, then 15 and so on.

Well I don’t have any technique for memorizing words but I think that the technique in this
forum post here can help you to recall 2x more words and at double the speed or maybe even memorize them at twice the speed and the technique in a video below may help you to memorize more and I think a bit more than 2 times faster according to my thoughts -

and you can also use the technique given in the forum topic below to recall faster -

Adapting the Loci Method for everyday use,



And all of the techniques above are The Memory Palace Technique with some changes,So I think that they can be combined and used with some or no changes needed to still get the Memory Palace Technique which is very useful,