Questions N3

1- Is there any evidence that the usage of flashcards improves memory capacity?
2- What is the rank of things we remember faster in the memory station about something, like 1- Location, 2- Objects (that includes person, etc…), 3 - Action… and how a memory palace can be organized based on that?
3- I have the slightly impression that the location is remembered more quick than the object and action in a memory station, so is there a form of making a memory palace based on location?
4- I have problems remembering what mental pictures I make in memory stations and also imagining them. What can I do?

I dont really understand this question. Isn’t a memory palace already based on location?

Any image that causes an emotional reaction works better than something stale. The best of those generally are Funny, Erotic, Weird and Gore, but any emotion will do.

Yes there is research evidence that it is beneficial for performance.
So much that you can even find sub-approaches for flashcards

The rank is not precise because it depends on different much smaller aspects and what you take them as. For example people say that it is easier to remember images than words. Without any interaction between them you may find that you remember more words in a sentence than just random images. Similarly when you have too many objects in a location this is very different than having a single object in a location. Again when you use interactions such as actions you actually remember the objects better, this makes it hard to classify if you would remember actions faster than objects because actions include objects. Faster is also too vague to use here. A memory palace can be organized on this by the fact that all of these appear to aid recall. Combine them and see.

Don’t know of a public version of this, but it is indeed possible and not false.

Fix what you may be doing wrong or do training.
You should provide more detail on what you are doing as you pass by 3 locations in your memory palace and if possible where you place those objects/what they are.

imagining them, takes more training. I find my visualization goes up drastically when I am invested in watching an anime series. I think data matters. Further on from that, actually visualizing objects is very crucial, try to visualize more complicated objects quickly and train with different kinds of objects. You are bound to get better at it then.

This post Overlaying Locus upon Locus (2x Speed?) contains a method for memorising 2x faster and maybe with 2x more recall which uses locations and maybe a method combining this method with the Method of Loci for everyday use while keeping the location part of that method will make the that method faster and easier to use than the method of loci and perhaps maybeone day a memory athlete will use the Overlaying Locus upon Locus to potentially double his speed and increase his recall(Which has happened to me after trying the Overlaying Locus upon Locus method,Know that I am not a memory athlete) and I hope to improve this method,


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