What memory techniques do/did you use in school

I want to use memory techniques for school but don’t know how to start.
So what’s the best method/technique for each subject?

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Memory palaces and peg lists were the way to go for me.

For subjects with lots of numbers, a number system is next to essential, plus images for the letters and symbols often used in math and physics. For both also counts, practice is a priority.

Biology and chemistry is all small stories, so use them. No matter how small things get, you are looking at stories. Osmosis? Story. Oxidation? Story. Fertilization of eggs? One hell of a story. Some words you might need to know, but use them stories!

Whenever words are involved, creativity to turn those into images is key. But when you also get grammar, you might want to start creating stories again or turn the grammar rules into images through other means. I like stories. Again though, understanding how a language works and using it are two different things, same as with math (which technically is a language as well).

History is a timeline and stories.

Topography is locations (can be done with a memory palace), words and shapes.

Art is practice

Sports is practice and maybe some rules you can do with word/story methods.

Think I covered most of the basic subjects there

Also, read about the Feynman Technique, I cant link it as a phone sucks for searching pages, but it is a great way to actually learn rather than memorize.


When it comes to study stuff, different subjects will require different approaches.

First you must mention what subjects you are talking about.

Since I am in the science stream, I can help you with Physics, Chemistry and Biology only.

Here are some links for chemistry, check them out.

1.Inorganic chemistry

2.Organic Chemistry

3.Organic chemistry (Example)

Have a look at these, at least you will have a idea, how to start.

If you don’t have science subjects, mention those.
So that other users can help you.


I am also a science student.
And if you want help in school subjects like physics, chemistry and maths .
I will try to help you.


Thanks for your replies.
I think the main things I need for all subjects are remembering:
Dates (mostly just the year) + what happened

but if you have tipps for other things you can also post them