More information per image

This is a method that I am recently using where instead of creating multiple images I am trying to put more data in the image itself by various means.

This works good when memorising an unordered list of things.

I use 4 major categories.

  1. Shape of the image
  2. Colour of the image
  3. action performed by the image
  4. Sound of the image or that action performed

Let me explain, how I use this for organic Chem.

In my system every
Alkane has a spherical shape
Alkene has a cylindrical shape
Alkyne has a cubic or cuboid shape.

Every cylindrical thing like a can or bottle is an alkene now.

I use it for the mechanism
White colour is for SN1 mechanism
Black for SN2
Red for E1 and so on.

A red can (coca cola?) Indicates that the alkene is going elimination unimolecular I.e. E1 mechanism.

A kettle having alcohol spills over a Japanese lady’s

 KMnO4(kimono) converts ketone(kettle) to alcohol

Seeing this the japanese lady screams

  "Oh! No!" that is 2 words which indicates it was a 
    secondary alcohol.

In this manner I put more data per image and get more information from lesser no. of total images.

Has anyone else ever tried this before?
Are there any more ways to put more data in an image?


I find these really really great ! Keep em coming!!!

I’m a maybe a bit of jealous that you can use sound😮

even if I am still too horrible with imagining colours, since I know a Coca-Cola can is red, I don’t even need to see the colour.

Material : you can transform your object in wood or metal, paper, etc. or fur or bigger or smaller or alive or something alive not alive. Reverse, explode, make thin… Take only things from a certain Epoch like a toy from childhood…, stuff from high school or stuff you relate old people too, mid-life, baby stuff :baby::baby_bottle: , or images remembered from one’s life’s greatest souvenir. Make itpeople or things of different culture, make the object or image theme based… give image four legs, 2 legs, ten arms, two, any other body traits, a beard to your Japanese lady… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

we could make a whole thread about this and I’m sure we could gather hundreds of these different ways to alter/distinguish an image for adding extra info.

I hope to see more great examples like this one, what I would call Applied learning for memory techniques.