Timeboxing / "Pomodoro Technique"

Does anyone here do timeboxing? (a.k.a., “Pomodoro technique”)

Basically, you set a timer for a block of time to focus (often 25 minutes) and then take a break for 5 minutes. After a couple of rounds, take a 15 minute break.

I often use a pomodoro-style timer (this one) but set it for 40 minute focus rounds with 7 minute breaks. It works well for me.



I don’t do it regulary, but the few times i have it seemed to work well and i want to do it more.
My only issue is if this is really that good in all scenarios, like when making art or reading. Can you really get into that flow-state in only 25 minutes?

Your version seems interesting though Josh, i think i might try yours.

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I try to schedule my days based on this but alternate tasks instead of taking rests. It has worked well for me.

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Interesting method,does that mean that you do 1 task for 5 minutes as a break, or that you go between diffrent tasks each pomodoro?

I follow the original 25-5 method, and not really for memorization, but mostly for other tasks I have to get done. I am horrible at motivating myself, so I like some external stimulus to force me to work.

I go between different tasks each pomodoro.
If the tasks are very different they definitely help me recover.

I used to do 25 minute rounds but didn’t like stopping so often. A friend suggested longer rounds and it worked better for me.

I’ve always wanted to try a pomodoro routine consisting of working 30-45min, and then stretching / light calisthenics 5-10min. Ideally you’d exercise the muscles weakened from sitting, stretch the muscles tightened from sitting, get your heart rate up, and rest your eyes at the same time.

In theory, making a habit of this could drastically increase your level of productivity: you’re nullifying the adverse effects of sitting, getting your heart rate up, resting your mind, and improving memory consolidation [2] via immediate exercise post-learning. I don’t see why this wouldn’t enable you to study things for twice as long as you normally do. And 5min of exercise 5 times a day is going to give results close to one 45min routine (maybe 80% of total gains?).


I’m a huuuge fan of the Pomodoro technique. As a college student, it really helps me prune out the most productivity out of me.

It is tough in the beginning, so I used to start with 20-25 min sessions, but now, I can easily go up to 45 min sessions.

Definitely recommend Cal Newport’s blog posts on this such as this one: http://www.calnewport.com/blog/2013/12/21/deep-habits-the-importance-of-planning-every-minute-of-your-work-day/

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