Simplified PAO System

I am creating memory system for my 6 year old daughter. The system I came up with is a simplified PAO system that only requires remembering 11 images. I am new to memory systems and would appreciate any suggestions for improvement.

0: Owl hides near tree
1: Astronaut jumps on moon
2: Baby drinks milk
3: Cowboy rides horse
4: Dog catches ball
5: Elephant sprays water
6: Samurai swings sword
7: (Curious) George cooks pancakes
8: Hamster climbs rope
9: Nurse pushes wheelchair

To simplify creating numbers of varying lengths, there is also an “empty” value: penguin plays piano.

632: Samurai rides milk
907: Nurse hides near pancakes
46: Dog swings piano
236,883: Baby rides sword, hamster climbs horse

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I like your 1 digit PAO. It’s well designed with your persons/objects and its actions. It would work well for your daughter with a little training and hands on practice.

I have already done a 1 digit system but with number shapes instead.
You can download it here to get some more ideas.

The one you’d need to download is the Starter Version of the shaper which is created for the younger ones.

Hope this helps to give you some more ideas to use with your system.

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My six year old is also familiar with some mnemonic systems but I haven’t stressed them much yet as the need to keep things in memory just hasn’t come up in school. He’s only in kindergarten. What ae you planning on using this system for?

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Thanks for your response @Erol! It is reassuring to hear that my 1 digit PAO system should work well.

Regarding your Shaper system, what has been your experience with teaching children?

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All my nephews knows my 1 digit system, and they all love it. They actually inspired me to design the system.

Thanks for your response @QiJitsu. I would love to hear what future plans you have for your son.

Regarding, my plans for my daughter:
My daughter is an advanced reader and this seems like a fun way to make numbers more vivid. In particular, I like the following aspects:

  1. The phrases are often memorably absurd (e.g. nurse hides near pancakes). This is a lot of fun for my daughter and motivates her to practice.
  2. This 1-digit PAO system mirrors the decimal place value system. This both assists with translation and also helps reinforce the concept.
  3. My daughter chose many of the phrases and pictures herself. My wife and I both believe that this creative, personalized approach makes learning more meaningful for children.


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@QiJitsu I didn’t actually answer your question with my last post :smiley: .

My goal is to interest my daughter in math more. This seemed like a good way to connect her love of storytelling with numbers. What can I say, I have stacks and stacks of math books I want to go through with her :smiley:.

I have not had a chance to try this idea but I think that most top memory athletes use 2 or 3 objects per location and an extra action indicating that 2 objects have been placed in the first room and 3 objects in the second room and 2 in the third room will work well as this is the way phone numbers are chunked and we remember them and by using an image that feels more natural to the person using this method,

A person using this method may be able to recall images faster and can recall more images which can be converted into numbers because I think that this system and images will be more natural to that person who is using a one digit system and this image of that system can also be extended for two digit numbers,

And a different image can be placed in every end of a location with the same number of objects to reduce cognitive load and help with chunking which which can work like clue shapes,clue actions,clue sounds,clue personal and effective emotions(note these are very limited) and what not,For more information please refer to Erol’s pdf of the Shaper System whose links you can find by clicking on Erol’s name in the Art of Memory Forum and then visiting his posts from there by clicking on topics and then the Shaper System posts and also the posts which you want to click if you want then,

And I hope that this post will give people some ideas and it will be worthwhile to create your own Clue(Insert your own type here),

Ex-Shape,Texture,Metal,Sound,Effect,Person,Force,Action and many more,

You can even make your own that suits you and you can do this in a little less than 4 minutes which may improve your memory for the rest of your life,

And please repeat this exercise and don’t forget to test your your creations :slightly_smiling_face: .

And share them with the community if they are good and you want to share them and if you don’t want to share them for for whatever reason I won’t judge because we are polite and nice ! ,



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