The Shaper System Full Release | The Starter & The Full Versions Free Download

Since 2018 I have been working on the shaper system images, the apps, the ebook, and everything else in between.

It’s taken two years to have the final versions to be released, but I am happy to say that both versions are now ready to use out of the box as a memory system tool for memory enthusiasts.

Here is the link to the original discussions about the shaper system;

I would like to thank Josh and the other forum leaders for their support, and all the forum members who has contributed to the shaper system to help create the final versions. Thank you all!


The Shaper System Full Version
The Shaper System Starter Version

Both are downloadable from my website;

My aim was to make it simple to understand, simple to prepare, and fairly simply to apply.

In order to better understand the impact rate of this system, I participated in Online Memory competitions to test and reinforce myself. In the third season contest, I finished third in a 10-person cluster. In the fourth season, I went up a division, and Won my division . I managed to take part in the Third League in the next season, and I managed to finish second after very tough matches. My current place is the 2nd league in the online Memory league. And I still participate in competitions whenever I have time.

My main goal here was to better learn how useful this system was, and that even a 50-year-old person as myself was effective enough to get some decent results in competitions.

Here are my personal best performances in competitions and in training; Memorize pictures in the correct order – 30 pictures 21 seconds.
Memorize words in the correct order – 30 words in 60 seconds
Names and Faces – 21 Names and faces in 60 seconds
One Deck of Playing Cards – 52 Cards in 120 seconds
Memorize the number digits in order – 70 numbers in 60 seconds.

I use memory techniques for my day to day life activities which has become a second nature to me. I wanted to give back to the memory community a system that may be a good use for all. All I want in return is a “Thank you” and that would be good enough for me to know I have helped others who takes interest in the art of memorising.

Here are the contents you’ll get when you download.

The Shaper System Full Version

00-99 Shapes
00-99 Images
00-99 Shaper Memory palace
A-Z Alphabet images
00-99 Sample Persons
Certificate PSD
The Shaper System eBook

Apps: A Total Of 4 Apps/Softwares
The Shaper System Main App
The Shaper System Palace App
The Shaper System Binary App
The Shaper System Playing-Cards App.

Ready To Use Spreadsheet
Sheet 1: The Shaper System PA | PAO | Binary | Cards
All with Persons | Actions | Objects | Reactions | Palaces | Binary | Cards

Sheet 2: Auto Story Creation App!
Practice Action Object: Simply type the digits and see the story happen on auto!

The Shaper System Starter Version

20 Background Sample Memory Palace
Certificate PSD
The Shaper System eBook
0-9 Number Shape images
0-9 Number Shape Animations
00-99 Objects
00-99 Animated Action Objects

The Shaper System Starter Main App
Times Table Practice App


I’ll be happy to discuss and answer all question here about the system, techniques and the methods used in the shaper system.

Thank you all.


I will look over tonight! I’m looking forward to teaching my son soon and my daughter in a few years.

I still use Shaper myself which I combined with my persons.


Nice website…
Great share…

Thank you for sharing the resources…


@Erol, great system!
Would it be ok if I create a system of it in the AOM software, including the images? I can make it public afterwards if you want, otherwise it would only be for my personal use.
I understand your apps require Flash Player, did you know that is deprecated (according to Adobe)?


yes sure go for it.

I could only program the apps in Flash as that’s the only programming language I know best. As long as a flash player can be installed it would work all the time. Adobe is just not going to support it anymore but the software would still work.

I might get another programmer in the future to update it for desktops.


Thx, very much appreciated!


You welcome! Glad you find it useful for your system.

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I appreciate your strong work in this matter.


Wow!! This is really great–I have just started reading, but am already finding it useful. I love all the ideas for pegs :blush:


Thank you kindly, Erol! I’m really excited to try the systems. The 0-9 number shapes have always worked much better for me too.


Hi Erol,

Thank you for yours amazing course😀.
I have a question in zip - Easy sharp system is an app included but in full Sharp system is not. Is that right?
Thank you for reply

Hi, Erol. I started reading the book and I want to thank and congratulate you for all the work and the disposition to make it available for everyone for free, man, it’s really awesome. I hope to find the time to really look into it soon and report back, but wanted to acknowledge your hard work first. Keep on the good work, man! Greetings from Mexico!

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That’s good to hear! Let me know if you need any help.

Thank you Mamunur. Hope it is useful addition to your system.

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Thank you. Hope it’s useful to your system. Let me know if you need any help.

Thank you Julie! Glad to hear that you find it very useful.
Let me know if you need any help.

Thank you! The rest of the number shapes from 00-99 also has images as well as shapes. Hope it will be a good use to create your own system.

I’m really not sure what you mean by that?

When you download each version, each has it’s own apps/softwares.

The starter version has its own app/software.
The Full Version has 3 apps/softwares

Let me know if you need any further help.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for acknowledging the hard work that gone into creating the whole thing. I also thank the forum members who were involved in making it happen.

I look forward to seeing your feedback/report.
Thanks again!

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I mean that package Easy program has swf file and apk “The-Basic-ShaperSystem-App-EN” and I can run program. Full package has only swf files and I´m not able run program.
Sorry for my English

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