Paris - 2,000 Digits Of Pi

Hi everyone,

I’ve just published my memory palace for the first 2,100 digits of pi on Memrise:

  • Paris is conveniently divided into 20 arrondissements, so 2,000 digits can be broken down to 100 per arr.
  • Each arr. in turn is subdivided into four quartiers, resulting in 25 digits each.
  • Distributing 25 digits across five loci on a route relating to each quartier, I store 5 digits per location.

Use Google Maps to create your first route: Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois
Here an example to get you started if you want to use the same memory palace:

Arrondissement du Louvre

  1. Quartier Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois: 82148 08651 32823 06647 09384
  2. Quartier des Halles: 46095 50582 23172 53594 08128

I’ve chosen the following loci for myself:

  1. Jardin des Tuileries
  2. Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
  3. Pyramide du Louvre
  4. Musée du Louvre
  5. Pont Neuf

If you have a 3-digit system you can use 821 (FNT - Fanta) and 148 (TRF = Truffle) overlapping on the middle digit. There is a fountain in the Jardin des Tuileries (here). Mental Image: A few truffle hogs are sitting around the “Fanta Fountain” and decide to drop a few truffles in the fountain for good luck (they don’t have any pennies on them) thus creating the new flavor “Truffle Fanta”.

Alternatively you can use a PAO system and instead place 82 (Person) + 14 (Action) + 80 (Object) as a compound image at the fountain. The next image will be PAO 08 65 13 at the Arc de Triomphe. With a 3-digit system you’d use 086 and 651 in this location instead.

The advantage of the PAO is that you only have to search 10 Ps if you forget the image at the next location because the image from the previous location places its last digit in the next location. With the 3-digit system on the other hand there will be more unique images; however, if you don’t have a 3-digit system set up yet it will take a little longer of course.

If you’re looking at memorizing a couple of thousand digits of pi, I assume you already have the first 100 digits (there is no 0th arrondissement) stored somewhere, therefore the first digit above is the 101st. This has the added benefit of an easy lookup system. If you need the 579th digit, you simply take the 79th digit in the 5th arrondissements; the 1,776th is the 76th in the 17th arrondissement.

Obviously you don’t have to use Paris for pi if you’re not interested in memorizing it. I just thought I’d share the convenience of arrondissements and quartiers for 400 loci… and if you can’t visit, Google Maps and Street View is the next best thing.


I’ve never used google maps as a loci, can you memorise loci that you have never been there before

Sure why not… searching the forum, you’ll find that @Mayarra for example is using a lot of video games as memory palaces and you can’t even visit those in the real world. Others take it one step further and create completely virtual palaces…

Why do you think it wouldn’t be possible?

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Thank you for the replay, I will check it, it’s just more effective if I use all my senses on a loci I want to memorize or use it memorization the important key is feeling with memorization for me. Ther is no problem to memorize a virtual loci