Online Memory League Championship, season 5

(Ben Pridmore) #1

Online Memory League Championship, season 5!

The all-powerful people behind Memory League and Art of Memory want to do another ‘Memory League May’ promotion in May, and tie it in with the new season of the league, so please post here if you want to take part, or have any questions (like ‘what is this league thing?’ - newcomers are very welcome too!)

There are also some suggestions about future seasons - what do you think of these?

  1. Have fewer competitors in each division, maybe just 6, and shorter seasons. Then it isn’t such a big commitment to join, and it doesn’t take so long for new competitors to work their way up the divisions.

  2. Award 1 point for a loss, 2 points for a draw, 3 points for a win - to encourage people to play their matches.

  3. Have a hard cut-off date for matches to be played. If matches aren’t played by the cut-off date, neither player gets any points.

  4. If someone drops out, all the other players in their division are awarded a 6-0 win against that person.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of players who don’t play all their matches having the results counted for the ones they did play - it seems very unfair and open to abuse. But I do like the idea of reducing division sizes in future seasons, to make sure things get finished in time.


Memory League May 2019
(Simon Orton) #2

Thanks, Ben.

The idea of number 4 was that everyone in the division would be given a 6-0 win if someone drops out, even if they had already played the person dropping out.

I’m in again for the new season!


(Simon Luisi) #3

I would like to take part in season 5.


(Silvio B.) #4

I’d like to join again for season 5 :slight_smile:

@Zoomy I like your suggestions, especially number 1 since I’ll probably have very little time to play starting from September this year, so a shorter season would make things easier.


(Daniel Richard Guilfoyle) #5

I’d like to join again this season, if it is okay



Thanks, Ben. I’m in for Season 5 :slight_smile:


(Ignacy ) #7

I’m in for season 5.


(Илья Губенко) #8

I’d like to join again for season 5



I’d like to participate please.



I would like to take part in season 5 too.



I would play


(Ivan Miletic) #12

I’m in for season 5



I’m in for season 5, too.



Thank you Ben. I’m also in for Season 5.
I like your suggestions for the Points-Awarding system and the Cut-Off date.


(Ben Pridmore) #15

@kwamereston and @SimonLuisi - can you tell me your username on Memory League? Thanks!


(Ben Pridmore) #16

We currently have 45 people signed up for the season! People generally seem to be in favour of smaller divisions, with each ‘level’ split up into two groups - if we get 60 players, they would form groups of six, like this:

That would give everybody five matches, and since we’re all in favour of stricter deadlines, I suggest that all players have to confirm before the start that they can play all five matches in the month of May (with play-offs to follow in June). When the divisions have been allocated, we’ll contact everybody and find out what days and times they prefer to play, and see about arranging a schedule. If anybody wants to volunteer as a co-ordinator, please do!

That should reduce the number of drop-outs and mean we don’t have to add new rules about what happens if someone doesn’t play a game. If, despite the shorter season, someone still has to drop out, that’s fine. Withdrawals will have all their games removed, like before.

These are the players so far - please let me know if any details aren’t right, or if I’ve missed you off the list! :slight_smile:

AOM name ML name Facebook name
@AlexM Alex Mullen Alex Mullen
@Johnnyworldwide John Graham John Graham
@SR1 Simon Reinhard Simon Reinhard
@Konsti Konstantin Skudler Konsti Skudler
@byambatsogt Byambatsogt Byambadorj Б. Бямбацогт
@ Boris Konrad Boris Nikolai Konrad
@JanZon Jan Zoń Jan Zon
@Shasan Sanchit Sharma Sanchit Sharma
@ Jan-Hendrik Büscher Jan-Hendrik Büscher
@ Nour Elagamy Nour Aly
@laCorii Corinna Draschl Corinna Draschl
@SilvioB Silvio B.
@Zoomy Ben Pridmore Ben Pridmore
@ Max Maxi Di
@IvanMiletic Ivan Miletic
@ Daniel Evans Daniel Evans
@ Paweł Milczarek Paweł Milczarek
@guillaumepetitjean Guillaume Petit-Jean Guillaume Petit-Jean
@EgorDubrovin Egor Dubrovin Egor Dubrovin
@mohamed22 Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ramadan
@ Andrej Savickij Андрей Савицкий
@ EdricLiew Edric Liew
@Ignacy Ignacy
@ClayKnight Clay Knight Clay Knight Davide Carosini Davide Carosini
@ pierre.bruzi Pierre Bruzi
@Erol Erol Ozvatan Erol Ozvatan
@Simon Simon Orton
@Fabian Fabian Fabian Saal
@guilfoyled guilfoyled
@ nELSON Nelson Charles Dellis
@FrankGrube Frank Grube Frank Grube
@chrisforde Chris Forde Chris Forde
@rzaytsev r.zayt
@ Issa Almgadmi Kurapika Issa Kurapika
@Ilya_Gubenko Ilya Gubenko
@ Paolo Maria Giancola Paolo Giancola
@Issa Issa
@matkow matkow Mateusz Kowalczyk
@ Ian Fennell Ian Fennell
@QuaraMan quaraman Sven Wetzel
@ Saswat Satapathy
@ Андрей Сафронов


Hi Ben. I’d like to play again, too, if that’s OK. Thank you.


(Simon Luisi) #18

I am having signing in difficulties. Will let you know as soon as I find out. I think it was luisi.


(Simon Luisi) #19

Ok, I managed to get in. My Name on Memory League is Luisi


(Nicholas Adair) #20

I’d like to take part if there’s still time and space to participate!