Memory League May 2019

Memory League May is back in 2019!

Just play 3 trials/games per day on at least 28 days during the month of May to receive a free 3-month subscription to Memory League.

At the end of the month we’ll calculate the number of days played, using whichever time zone gives the highest number.

We also have the new League season starting in May, and it’s not too late to sign up if you’d like to compete - all skill levels welcome! To join in for the new season, register here: Online Memory League Championship, season 5


I have a question: Would it be acceptable to create a second ML name for this?
For some reason, I can only use ML from my Android phone with my current ML name. A new ML name would allow me to get back on ML with a real computer and a bigger screen if I want to.

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Is the problem accessing your email from other devices? You can change the email address used for your Memory League account on the My Account page. Then you should be able to sign in on another device.

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You should add an minimum requirement, such as 70% of your normal scores or something like that :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,

I love the promo. I’m experiencing a bug that is preventing me from playing every day.

I’ve been trying to play this every day, and have a little tracker. What I’ve noticed is that on 2 or so occasions now ML says I cannot play any new games today even though I haven’t played that day.

I think this might happen when I played a game later in the evening on the previous day. Perhaps your calculation is looking at hours and not calendar date within the users timezone?


Thanks, @moo.

The daily game quota is refreshed for everyone sometime between midnight and 1:00 AM GMT. Your profile says you’re in Canada, so it could be that if you play later in the evening, that’s after the update.

So, perhaps that’s why some mornings I haven’t been able to play.

OK, Memory League May is over!

Congratulations to the 48 people who succeeded in playing 3 games on at least 28 days during the month. The 3-month subscriptions/extensions have now been applied.

If anyone’s curious as to how many days they played, just send me a private message here in the forum (or use the Contact Us page in Memory League) and I’ll let you know.


Update on Memory League May:

Since so many people came very close to the 28-day requirement, we decided to relax it slightly and give the subscription to everyone who played 3 times on at least 25 days during the month.

Congratulations to the additional 22 winners! The subscriptions have now been applied.