Nelson Dellis

does anybody know the number system that Nelson Dellis uses?

I do!

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I’m pretty sure it’s 0 through 9.

Hey Nelson did you play it safe with your times in the USA competition? Or was it the pressure?

lol yes, I use a 0-9 system. lol.

No I use a 7 digit system for numbers (switching to 8 now). It was 3-2-2 (PAO), now it will be 3-2-3 (PAO). Cards has always been PAO, one card- one image.

Dale, numbers I went all out. Pressure made it difficult to maintain speed. That second trial I actually got to 323 but made a mistake in one row, hence 303.

For cards…I was obviously aiming for sub-40 seconds but 2 things happen. 1st trial, they left the JOKERS in my deck for some reason. It totally screwed me up. I had to take them out and start over…lost about 40 seconds. 2nd trial, cameras were literally inches from my face and one idiot took 2 flash photographs while I was mid-memorizing. Totally got to me in my head. It’s tough being the attention of the media…which I was unknown sometimes. Anyways, 1m27s isnt that bad I guess considering all that.


Those mishaps made your win even more impressive. Plus it saves some drama for next year when you put that single deck time out of reach for awhile.

so how many images do you have all together for your number system? I was trying to make a 3 digit system but it was taking forever to get all the images. And congratulations on your win.

Hi Nelson. It’s great if you can share us some example of your system. :slight_smile: I am curious to know what’s the champion thinking?

I only use person action object, so I started with a 00-99 system with 100 people with 100 actions and 100 objects. To increase my images to 1000, I took each person from 00-99 and made them a “category”… 99 is a ninja turtle, so i made 199,299,399… all different characters from the ninja turtles cartoon (I use the first digit kind of like the major/dominic system to help give order to it all) 199 is april o neil, the reporter from the cartoon. 1 = a. 399 is michaelangelo (3=m). I still use the 2 digit action and 2 digit object, but I am transitioning to 1000 digits.

Does that help?

Duyhoa83 , give me some numbers and I’ll tell you what they translate to.

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Did you do that for each number like 234 or 576? or does it depend on what the two digits are?

haha. it’s nice idea. i come to know that we can make a theme for each hundred to increase 2P to 3P. Thanks for your example.

Yeah so 234…34 is shaquille o neil…so all the 34’s are big center/power forward basketball players:

034 - shaq
134 - tim duncan (1=a or t) (t = tim)
234 - blake griffin (2=b or n) (b= blake) I’m using a combo of major system and dominic system

76 is a computer science professor from college…so all the 76’s are professors from that department

you get the idea.

It makes sense now. Thanks! How long did it take you to know all those images by heart?

I currently use a PAO for cards and 00-99 PAO for numbers. I am intrigued by this 3-2-3 strategy Nelson uses. I still haven’t dabbled much with the major system though but PAO always just seemed more natural to me.

Has anyone else tried 3-2-3?

Braden, just to be clear, you can use PAO regardless of whether you made your 00-99 assignments with the Major System, the Dominic System, or any other system. A 3-2-3 system is a hybrid of a 2-digit system like you’re using with a 3-digit system (000-999) like many top athletes use. To use it you would have to expand your system from 100 people to 1000 people, and with that 1000 unique objects, but keep the actions to the original 100 that you have. I think probably the reason he did it that way is that it is VERY HARD to come up with 1000 actions. So you’ll have each action assigned to 10 different people throughout the system.

A 3-2-3 system will provide you with 8 digits per combo PAO image, as opposed to the usual 6 digits per combo image.

Ok that makes more sense. I guess I’m just trying to figure out how to best tweak my current PAO cards and 00-99 PAO numbers systems.

What do you mean by 3-2-3 PAO system?What do those numbers mean?

I think it refers to a system that uses eight digits per compound image rather than six:

  • 1,000 persons (000-999)
  • 100 actions (00-99)
  • 1,000 objects (000-999)

14159265 would be:

  • 141 -- person
  • 59 -- action
  • 265 -- object

In a typical PAO system (2-2-2), 14159265 would be:

  • 14 -- person
  • 15 -- action
  • 92 -- object
  • (65 would be the person in the next PAO group)
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I’m just guessing here, but it might be because it’s difficult to find 1,000 actions that are distinct enough to tell apart.

So you end up short in connecting Person with Object since you only have 100 specific Actions. Whereas there’s 1000 Persons and 1000 Objects!
I’m starting to get why some people moved on to 3-digit Major System.
It seemed to have worked for some Alex guy I’ve read! :wink:

I think that 3-digit systems (especially when combined with 1- and 2-digit systems) have some interesting benefits. I wrote about some of them here: Thoughts on Phonetic Systems and Memory Techniques as an Artificial Language

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