need help

Hi everyone.
I decided to learn dominic system 00-99. But need help or advice.
I do not know whether it is better to use real initials (real name) or translated?

For example: Ashton Kutcer - AK in my country language pronounced Eston Kucer - EK.

So doubt is whether I’ll have a problem recalling.
Did someone encountered this problem?


P.S. Sorry if there was answer to this question in some post. Can’t find it

I can’t give you elp, but I can give you some help ^^

What it comes down to is: use what works for you. Dominic usually works with initials or something that reminds you of the letter combination. AK could also be Michail Kalasjnikov, creator of the AK-47 assault rifle, just like HO could be Santa Claus. If Ashton Kutcher would be AK to you, that is fine, if it is EK to you it is also fine.

If it would be EK to you, meaning the phonetic interpretation, try looking into the major system too. That one is more aimed at the phonetic aspect of words.

Didn’t soa “h” is missing :slight_smile:

Well the first book i read was from Tony Buzan and memory. And the Major System is much bigger 000-999, But I could use 00-99. So major system is the first system that I heard. But for me (for now) Dominic system seams more effective. Its much more easy for me to remember if I smash cake in some1 face (as person) then in some object or animal from major system.

I tried major system but seemed like imperfectly.

Both Major and Dominic can be used for 00-99 and 000-999 :slight_smile:

Dominic for 000-999? Didn’t know that
Is it
100-199 - icecube
200-299 - objects flying

or it is something else ? I’m asking for Dominic system.

What number is K representing in your Dominic method?

I’m not sure it’s accurate to say that Major is bigger than Dominic. Though, it’s almost certainly more expansive. However, don’t forget that Dominic develops rather effortlessly into a full PAO system.

Or if you want to expand your 99 numbers to 999, there are a couple of ways, with a category-based system being the easiest:

For example, my 84 is Helen Daniels from Neighbours. So, every 84 (e.g 841, or 849) could be an Australian actor, or an actor, or even a painter - HD’s action is painting in my list.

You just need to make sure than your original 99 are distinct enough.

No, that’s a Buzan idea. It’s next to useless, in my opinion.


I do not rly understand you’r 99 to 999 system. I think it is duo to language barier. Is there a link I can read more detail ?

i could be wrong, but 7 = K sounds more like the Major system than Dominic. It sounds like you are then using Major to come up with initials for people.

I don’t know of any links, but I’ll try to make a better job or explaining it.

If, for example, your 31 is Margaret Thatcher (former British Prime-Minister) then the following numbers would all be British PMs (or maybe just British politicians): 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319.

You can think of 311 as British Prime-Minister + T which then might lead to Tony Blair. Or it could be 31 + D which might then produce Benjamin Disraeli.

UPDATE: Here are some links:

Then I gess I learned Major System.
I think i will do only 00-99 for now. To make it like natural thinking. I think if expande it i will mix who or what is what number.
Thanks for links… It will bi interesting to read