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i just replied to a reply in the thread Stuck with reality in your memory palace, limiting speed of imaginary movements and because I used the word chips (you know what I mean) in the expression “the chips hit the fan” it needs approval before it will be shown publicly. I don’t seem to have an option to change the word “chips” in somethings else, because the editing function does not appear for posts that need approval. So I have some questions:

  • is there a way to deal with this, other than making a new post (copy pasting and changing original post);
  • how does this “needs approval” mechanism work?

I have had simular "problems"in the chat on, in which I replied to a very fast player by saying “blood y (insert place that is really hot), you play mighty fast” and than I got a warning and I was like “for … sake” is this some kind of safe space :grin:?


50% of all my replies have needed approval. I thought this is because I write a lot or because of the time I am replying at. I didn’t think this was because I used any words, to test it let me say chips??(I’m sorry I really don’t know what you mean if you are saying chips referred to something).

Sorry about that. There are parents who may use this site with their kids, so swear words might trigger the filter. There is some machine learning involved, so sometimes it’s a decision by the robot. :robot:

I’ve just adjusted the filter again so it shouldn’t happen as often any more.

We usually approve the posts pretty quickly, but you can send me a message if it happens again and you want to edit it before it appears.

This robot really doesn’t like me much. Even though I haven’t used any swear words on this forum yet it has put me for approval 50% of all my replies.

Sorry about that. If you experience annoyances like that, don’t hesitate to send us a message, and we’ll investigate. That problem should be fixed now. :slight_smile:

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Another useful tip might be to ask the poster to tag the first line with something like:

[potty-mouth] or [juvenile]

This would allows us to immediately jump to the next post.

The problem with filters is that juveniles can circumvent them - as Reddit mentions. But Reddit permanently bans these guys:

  • Do not abuse flairs/tags:
    [tags] are not to be misused - if you try to get around our anti-abuse measures by abusing tags/flairs, you will be permanently banned


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I appreciate your reply and I totally inderstand your goal to keep this site child friendly.

On the other hand (don’t take the following to seriously), as a result of a recommandation in another thread about writing courses I am now reading “Stephan King on reading” and he is very much against the use of eufemistic language for the sake of politeness; he is very much in favour of telling the truth the way it is best told. Needless to say he has received a lot of hate mail for the way he writes.

the … hits the fan (expression, when this substance hits a fan on the ceiling, things are really bad).


When you drop a cup of coffee on the white carpet, you say “chips, I dropped the coffee” when there are children in the room.

Chips is a word you use when you can’t say … It sounds simular, so that is why people use it instead of the word, that I can’t type on this forum.

I can’t do any better explaining I’m afraid.

The chips hits the fan… Things are really bad when the substance hits the fan, so the substance must be a swear word. . . . .

ahhhhh. I think I see it now. I guess I’m not used to saying these words, so I don’t recognize the alternatives. I’ve never heard the first expression with this before.

So annoying… that robot is about as accurate as a PCR test is accurate. Got two in limbo atm.

If this gets thru we at least know that sarcasm and the word ‘sarcasm’ can make it past the bot.

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Sorry about that. It keeps the site spam free. There used to be days where there would be 100-200 spam posts on the home page. It works to keep the forum spam-free, but unfortunately there are some false positives. The spammers evolve, the filters get updated, and then they need adjustment again

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