Difficult at first try always bad? and some ranting

OK, let’s get to the point; after a bit of training of the seperate parts of my reverse memory palace (using move sequence with objects in numbered memory palace) I tried it out for real and it didn’t go well. Literally after 10 seconds I knew I was in trouble and I could identify at least 2 big problems with the system. I’m not gonna bore you with the reasons as I feel you are probably bored with this whole reverse memory palace altogether. For what it’s worth: I can totally see why. The more versions I have tried, the more I feel the desire for the (new) system to work really well, not just after a couple of days of training, but from the get go.

Part of is this feeling is probably the result of an growing awareness, that if something doesn’t work well at the very beginning, it will probably never work (very) well at all. So this raises an interesting (to me anyway) question:

Is there some theory/explanation that predicts what kind of systems are likely to be troublesome in the beginning despite being very likely to being succesful after some or more training?

Just to be clear: I’m not talking about systems that require a lot of memorisation at first like a 3-digit system (instead of 2 digit system) or the Ben system.


The last couple of weeks I have written a great number of posts. A lot of these posts had a bit of bro/pseudo science vibe so to speak. My main goal has always been to create an interesting discusion about subjects I am interested in and I imagine others are as well. I think I have been somewhat succesful with some of my posts like New memory system for fast translation of numbers, but…

Lately i get the feeling, that for me posting on this forum seems somewhat pointless. I made for example a post asking about the problems I had with needing approval for what I submitted (Needing approval for posts) and if I open the thread I can’t even get any evidence, that a single person has read it, let alone responded to it. I was even more dissapointed with the reaction to what I see as my best post so far (Trap of high maintenance performance). I did get 2 people to respond and as interesting as there reponses were, neither one has said anything about the main point I had made in this post and which I believe to be a rather clever and interesting explanation of performance effects from a change in training duration.

So, this will probably be my last post for quite some time. If I happen to get really good with a new system or something like that, I will most likely let you guys know about it. But for now, I’m gonna take a break.