Mnemonics For The Days Of The Week

I have so far created; The Mnemonic Clock, Month Calendar, Year Calendar.
And now The Days of The Week.


BrillIant! And how do you apply these?

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Well, I’ve just had a look at your website and noticed you are a memory coach, So shouldn’t I be asking you this instead :slight_smile:

Just use it withy the usual methods. Attach whatever you want to memorise to the day of the week. Perhaps a To do list on certain days, shopping list, appointments etc.
This will go well with the Mnemonic Clock I’ve created which can also add Times to each data you want to memorise.

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Haha that’s why I’m interested! Interesting, all my work is normally around memorising foreign languages and essays for college work or exams etc… maybe I should start using these for daily things like reminders, thanks for the info!

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Sounds great. I’d like to learn a foreign language, Thai is my fav.
I have a small seminar to do at a Uni in a couple of months, perhaps you can give me some tips on how to pass exams :slight_smile:

You may also be interested in these;

Mnemonic CLOCK - With Number Shapes.

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Very cool, Erol :+1:

I especially like that the Monday almost sounds like money. Friday as fry day is also nice.

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Cool. I will be surely using your these mnemonics in future… I loved them. Will come in handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing them.

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Although I have to add that I was left scratching my head over “Cheese Day”! :slight_smile: Unless we pronounce “Tuesday” quite differently, I would have expected “Tooth Day” or “Chews Day” (as one of my favorite English YouTubers says)… something more along those lines.



Apologies, I didn’t see this. Are you giving a presentation at a uni or are you taking a class? Either way what type of information is it for what would you like to know? Whatever it is I wouldn’t mind doing a small video explaining whatever I can help with :slight_smile:

“Chews day” :beverage_box:

I like this too.

I was asked to do an hour seminar to teach some of this stuff.
I have some ideas about the contents I can deliver within an hour, however I am a little stuck with some of the specific areas which is what these students wants to know how.
I will send you a private message about this. Thanks.

Great list Erol.
Mine is quite similar:
Monday: moon day; crescent moon
Tuesday: choose day; tweedle Dee & tweedle dum
Wednesday: weddings day; bride
Thursday: thirst day; frosted mug of beer
Friday: fry day; frying pan
Saturday: Saturn day; Saturn
Sunday: Sun day; Sun


I really like this too

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I am trying to make this little change in my memory.

2- Tos day (Tues sounds like tos, tos is an.
biscuit. type food which we with tea)
4-thirsday- trust day but I really like your Thor day

@Erol, can I maybe suggest you attach a Mars candy bar to your cheese then. The weekdays in Romance languages (except for Portuguese) are named after the planets (Roman gods).

In Latin, Tuesday is called Martis dies which means “Mars’s Day”. In French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian, the (Romance languages), the word for “Tuesday” is nearly the same as the Latin name. Tuesday is mardi in French, martes in Spanish, martedì in Italian, dimarts in Catalan, and marţi in Romanian.

ps: Winnie the Pooh for Tuesday in Thai :wink:

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