Mnemonics For The Days Of The Week

I have so far created; The Mnemonic Clock, Month Calendar, Year Calendar.
And now The Days of The Week.


BrillIant! And how do you apply these?

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Well, I’ve just had a look at your website and noticed you are a memory coach, So shouldn’t I be asking you this instead :slight_smile:

Just use it withy the usual methods. Attach whatever you want to memorise to the day of the week. Perhaps a To do list on certain days, shopping list, appointments etc.
This will go well with the Mnemonic Clock I’ve created which can also add Times to each data you want to memorise.

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Haha that’s why I’m interested! Interesting, all my work is normally around memorising foreign languages and essays for college work or exams etc… maybe I should start using these for daily things like reminders, thanks for the info!

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Sounds great. I’d like to learn a foreign language, Thai is my fav.
I have a small seminar to do at a Uni in a couple of months, perhaps you can give me some tips on how to pass exams :slight_smile:

You may also be interested in these;

Mnemonic CLOCK - With Number Shapes.

31 days Full Month Calendar with Number Shapes.

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Very cool, Erol :+1:

I especially like that the Monday almost sounds like money. Friday as fry day is also nice.

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Cool. I will be surely using your these mnemonics in future… I loved them. Will come in handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing them.

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Although I have to add that I was left scratching my head over “Cheese Day”! :slight_smile: Unless we pronounce “Tuesday” quite differently, I would have expected “Tooth Day” or “Chews Day” (as one of my favorite English YouTubers says)… something more along those lines.



Apologies, I didn’t see this. Are you giving a presentation at a uni or are you taking a class? Either way what type of information is it for what would you like to know? Whatever it is I wouldn’t mind doing a small video explaining whatever I can help with :slight_smile:

“Chews day” :beverage_box:

I like this too.

I was asked to do an hour seminar to teach some of this stuff.
I have some ideas about the contents I can deliver within an hour, however I am a little stuck with some of the specific areas which is what these students wants to know how.
I will send you a private message about this. Thanks.

Great list Erol.
Mine is quite similar:
Monday: moon day; crescent moon
Tuesday: choose day; tweedle Dee & tweedle dum
Wednesday: weddings day; bride
Thursday: thirst day; frosted mug of beer
Friday: fry day; frying pan
Saturday: Saturn day; Saturn
Sunday: Sun day; Sun