Mind map software-generated

I’m looking around for some software able to generate automatically a mind map, starting from a hierarchical text file, say something like
and so on…
(dots meaning tabs or something similar)

The resulting mind map needs not to be interactive, I need it just for visualization and printing.

Any ideas?


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You could try this tool.

I plugged in your text like this:


And it produced this image:


It looks like Lucid Chart can also do it.

I used to be an enthusiast for this software: www.thebrain.com
It does have an import feature I believe.

However, I ultimately found it lacking.

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I wonder if Graphviz would work for mind mapping. It probably wouldn’t be difficult to create a script to convert tabbed outlines to Graphviz format.

You can try it directly in forum posts. dot is default, or you can pass in neato as the engine.

This is the syntax for forum posts:

[graphviz engine=neato]
graph {
    Sun -- Mercury;
    Sun -- Venus;
    Sun -- Earth;
    Sun -- Mars;
    Earth -- Moon;
    Mars -- Phobos;
    Mars -- Deimos;

You could optionally add colors and formatting like this:

{node [style=filled, color=yellow] Sun}
{node [style=filled, color=blue, fontcolor=white] Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars}
{node [style=filled, color=lightblue] Moon, Phobos, Deimos}

FreeMind is a great freeware to create MindMaps: FreeMind

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Thank you for the wonderful ideas guys.
I used Graphviz in the past but somehow forgot about it - I guess I’ll start from there.
I’m decent at Python, so if there’s no script ready to do it, I’ll try to make one to convert my list to Dot.

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Here’s a script that could be used as a starting point.

it works like a charm, thank you!

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GraphViz looks great. Thanks for sharing Josh.

I used to use http://plantuml.com/ quite a bit. I think I am going to start using it again.

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Plantuml looks interesting. It also generates mind maps, and works with Org Mode. :thinking:

I got a Java error when trying to run it on my laptop, but generated a simple mind map with it through the tool on the home page.


The code:

* Sun
** Mercury
** Venus
** Earth
*** Moon
** Mars
*** Phobos
*** Deimos
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Inspiration mind mapping software can generate a mind map from an ordinary outline and produce an outline from a mind map.

It’s not free though, and I’m not sure how well it’s kept up with newer applications

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