Memorize Connections/Graphs

I’m currently working as Software Engineer and I’m using the Memory Palace technique to to memorize simple lists of facts, for example configuration parameters so I dont have to look them up in the manual every time. Most of the time I only need the name of the fact to guess what it does.

But I would like to extend my memorization to remember more complex information. For example macro-implementation of our Code-Base. Like ‘which modules exists and which modules transfers which kind of data to another module’. Memory palace works fine for simple lists of facts. But when it comes to ‘connection based’ information, it gets pretty rough. So I wonder if there are techniques to memorize ‘graph’ like structures. One way might be to ‘flatten’ out these graphs to multiple memory palaces. So that one only memorizes one path of a graph in a memory palace and then another path in another palace. But I find this pretty exhausting and I’m not sure, if its easier than just plain remembering the connections using spaced repetition tools.

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There might be some ideas in these threads:

Just brainstorming here:

Without knowing the details, one idea is to start by drawing the graph on paper and then figuring out how much information there is and how you want to recall it. (What questions will you ask to recall the information?)

I don’t know what the program looks like, but if you draw it first, it might give hints on whether the information should be grouped by package or by functionality. The more of it that you can offload into natural memory, the fewer memory palace locations you’ll need.

Ah thanks for your idea and for the thread links, I will look through them!

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Besides using Memory Palace,you should also utilize the “Link Method” and “Grid Method”…

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what are those techniques brother?