Memorizing Network Diagrams

Hello Everyone,

New member learning techniques as I go, and I thought I might ask the experts for advice. I need to memorize information from several network diagrams. That would look something like this:


The goal would be to remember the names of the devices in each area, and the IP addresses assigned to them.

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Do you have to remember the diagram exactly as-is, or is their real-life info that you’re associating with the items? (like IP addresses and specific names)

To the best of my knowledge, the best way to remember flows is to use mind maps and pneumonics. That way you would be able to know what came first and in order. Since this seems a bit more complex I would suggest that you first genuinely understand how each are connected first then make a pneumonic. Mainly because just remembering something is okay, but when you actually understand it then it becomes that much easier to learn it and to recall it.

I am really interested in any ideas on this. I am trying to understand how Australian Aboriginal cultures memorise genealogies which look just like this. So far, I have failed miserably. Sorry, I’m no help, but I will look forward to any guidance you get.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Ultimately, yes, I would like to remember real-life information such as IPs, specific names, etc…My most immediate goal would be just to remember under the basics, for example :

The network on the left in the diagram is called remote. The remote network has x number of switches and those switches names start with x. The remote network has 4 connections to the home network and those connections are maintained by COX internet.

I would like to be able to draw a high-level overview of how things are configured, any help is appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will give this a try today.

Could you post a full example that includes all of the information that you need to memorize for that diagram? (text is fine)

Absolutely :slight_smile:

Below is an example of what I’m trying to remember:

Let’s use the diagram on top called Physical Topology as an example. The goal is to remember the names of every device in each area (i.e. wan edge, internet edge, etc…) and then how the devices connect. For example, what devices does the HQ-CORE-SW-A device in the Core network connect to.

I’m kicking around some ideas, and would love the feedback.

That’s a challenge. :slight_smile:

Just brainstorming here.

One idea is to use a kind of story-location hybrid method.

First build the location with a story, starting with the top left cloud:

  • It's a rain cloud that is raining on a slate plateau.
  • A flying saucer (or hockey puck) falls out of the bottom, hovers there, and then drops into a purple lake.
  • Below the purple lake is the world's core.
  • Below the core is a party area that requires VIP access.

Then move to the middle cloud:

  • The middle cloud is raining directly into the purple lake.
  • There is a flying saucer there that is already submerged in the lake.

Then move to the right cloud:

  • It is shooting lightning at two slate plateaus above a blue ocean.
  • Continue working down from there in the blue ocean (Internet edge).

I’d recommend sketching the story on paper, since that will also help it sink in.

Once you have memorized the story’s locations, then start attaching mnemonic images to each element of the story.

Example: with my images would be: Otis Redding, a Nile boat, Naomi, and a candle. I have different images for numbers 0-9, 00-99, and 000-999, so the images tell me where the separators are, without needing to encode the separators.

The first flying saucer would encounter and interact with the images for as soon as it entered the purple lake.

I think it will still take time, but that might make it easier, especially if you have a lot of them to remember. If what I’ve written doesn’t make sense, or if you would like more brainstormed ideas, let me know. :slight_smile:

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WOW! Thanks so much Josh. You really have me thinking in a radically different way, I think the story-location-hybrid method might be exactly what I need to memorize all of this. I’m going to take some time, map it all out and see if I can get the device components and locations down.

The next step will be try your number system to memorize the IP addresses. I will report back how it all goes, again, thanks so much for the idea :slight_smile:

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Josh had some great ideas.

I just wanted to point out, that If all of your IPs have the same first two octets (10.254) then you really only have to memorize the last two. The major system, or really any number to image system, should be able to accomplish that. Personally, I’d go with a PA system Person-Action.

Even if you have different subnets and IP ranges, you could limit the amount of information being stored. Something in the location indicating that one particular room uses 10.254.x.x ranges, while another uses 10.10.x.x (or whatever.)

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Great point DoctorKilgrave, excellent point, completely missed that! I had invested a little bit of time into the Dominic System for numbers, but given what you said, I don’t need to scrap that and I can keep using my existing cast of characters.

Great community, thanks to all for the excellent advice.