How to memorize flow charts and graphs for economics

I am trying to memorize stuff like flow charts and graphs for econ; any tips?

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I don’t memorize Flow Chart,but I encode the Charts/Patterns of a stock’s movement. Being a Technical Analyst in stock market,I have to deal with a lot of charts/patterns…

The basic rule is always the same for anything you want to memorize(text,chart,math,book…anything):

  1. Associate the new info with what you already know very well…

  2. Put the new info in a loci

  3. Review the new info time to time

What I do is: associate my peg list(usually alphabet peg list) with the important areas of the chart. And then,put that chart in a loci…By associating what I already know well(ie,peg list) with the chart’s high/lows/support/resistance areas, I can grasp and memorize the patterns of a chart,how the stock moved. And when I put this chart in a Loci and visit it again and again, the chart and its pattern gets very easy to memorize!!

Here is an example of associating a simple Alphabet Peg list with the patterns of a stock chart!


I create a story with these pegs and attach the Date and Symbol Name of the stock with the story!

I think,with the technique above, you will also need to ‘convert certain abstract words of the flowchart into concrete images’ of the flowchart and put them in the loci of a Memory palace. And if you to remember the FlowChart’s patterns too,you may have to add what I have shown above in the chart…I think,it is very much doable!

@behi, I was talking about the technique above in another post to memorize the stock charts…I hope,this will give you an idea of what I was talking about regarding stock chart and pattern memorization.


Appreciate your kind reply, this is a massive help for me to find a new way of learning including chart patterns, as you know today’s world data is growing quickly day by day and you need to know much amount of data as you could to overcome many problems in different filed like trading, programming, studying and so on.
I am so thankful to you and other guys who create this forum which tries to share their information and technics to others which is a great help.