Is this a new method?

The steps of it are as below-

  1. Find the main verbs in a sentence(A man broke the door of his house)
  2. Find words that answer ‘What’ questions(A man broke the door of his house)
  3. Break down those words(M-A-N,Bro-Ke, Do-Or, Ho-Use)
  4. Remember or write the first alphabet of the first word in the first sentence. (A)
  5. Chose the first alphabet of one of the spilt words in a word to form one or more words and if necessary add an additional word at the end if the sentence*(Accountant)*, (MB, DHA)
  6. Use a memory technique to store these words(Ex-Memory Palace)

With this method I can remember sentences 3x longer in my short term memory and I can also store 50% more sentences in my short term memory(I can store 3 sentences instead of 2),

And I have a question - "**Will using Memory Palace with this technique help me store information for long term)? **

And if it will then can anybody suggest changes and improvements to it,



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So man and door are verbs… that’s definitely a new method then.

Why not just have a memory palace, where in one location, you see a man breaking the door of his house? It’ll give you the same information, but less complicated.

Not unless you review with spaced repetition. Which is always important when learning something with or without memory palaces.

I want to use memory palace only for memorizing information but when I use a memory palace I need to repeat the same information many times and I am using) this method with the memory palace to save some storage space of my memory and I believe that the most popular memory system the Major System uses compression to save storage space like my method with good results but my method also removes some words wich can be recovered using deduction,

And maybe my method can be combined with Spaced repetition because after using this method when I start to forget a part of the sentence I do not forget another part of that sentence quickly unlike all the other memory techniques which I know,

And I believe that while Memory Palace is one of the best tools we have in memory but it wastes at least some of our memory capacity and I use my technique with the Mind Palace to save my memory and get the results of Memory Palce

How to trick the brain to use its entire memory capacity(Visual Memory Capacity+Spatial Memory Capacity+Auditory Memory Capacity..) for memorizing text? ,



I’m not sure I understand what you’re going for with this technique. How is it saving space?

In your other post that you linked to, you mentioned that you believe that a word takes up less memory space than a picture. Is that a fact according to neuroscience or just a belief?

You also mentioned the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” in that context. As I understand it, it suggests the opposite of what you’re taking from it. If you can get the information of 1000 words from 1 picture, that doesn’t mean that picture also takes up 1000 times the space of a word.
You could also make an example like this (purely metaphorical, of course):
A 1000-dollar bill is worth 1000 times as much as a 1-dollar bill. The 1000-dollar bill isn’t 1000 times the size of the 1-dollar bill, though. If your wallet fits only a certain amount of bills, which dollar bills would you rather put in your wallet?