Can you try this new method with the Keyword Method which may prevent forgetting

The steps of it are as below-

  1. Find the Keyword or Keywords in a sentence(A man broke the door)

  2. Find words that answer ‘What’ questions(A
    man broke the door of his house ),You can skip this step if it did not work at the first time use used this method.

  3. Break down those words(Bro-Ke, Do-Or,Ho-Use)

  4. Remember or write the first alphabet of the first word in the first sentence. (A)

  5. Chose the first alphabet of one of the spilt words in a word to form one or more words and if necessary add an additional word at the end if the sentence(KD(It is the name of a Lawer),Ho)

  6. Use a memory technique to store these words(Ex-Memory Palace)


When using the Keyword Method if a person will forget a single Keyword he will forget the rest of the Keywords as well but I have faith that this will not happen with my method and if if works then you as its user will be able to remeber more if The Keyword Method works for you,

And I can not try that new method with the eyword method beacause The Keyword Method does not work for me,

For making words in this method you can extract a consonatant for your first word(excludig the first word of a sentence) and then you can extract a vowel from the second word and this was done in my Major System to create words and it works most if the time,


For more information you can visit the topic below -

Is this a new method? ,



Has anyone for whom The Keyword Method works had tried this method with The Keyword Method and if you have then can you post your results in this topic,

And if you want then you can try this method with a few sentences to save time.