Is it possible to gain the method of loci synthesia,Edit-Yes it is see Virtual Memory Palaces along with text

Well in a study scientists asked their tests subjects for colors which they knew and created specially printed colored books for their subjects to read which lead them to see colors when seeing words and based on the research that I have read I think that if 5 words in a book are covered with highlighters(That are found in Speed Reading apps) but also contain locations and the letters can be replaced with objects, For example-The Letter “o” can be replaced with a football or some other image of a reader’s choice and I believe that after enough reading the reader can acquire “The Method of Loci” Synthesia in which the reader will read a book and see locations containing objects as in the method of loci of imaginary palaces especially if the objects will contain features based on the first letter of their representative word,e.g- Mod-(M for a familiar Stapler from memory since it looks like a stapler and o for a stapled football from memory since the letter o looks like a football and M(which looks like a stapler) is the first word in the word Mud*,*and d for a golf club made up of steel with a memorable finish, And all this to help the person with it, if it is possible to identify the first object representing a word in order to create a Visual Acronym which can be visualized easily and must be very effective),

But what do you think Is it possible to acquire the Method of Loci Synthesia to memorize text in this way and can you provide your feedback on this idea which I have posted,



I’m not sure I followed your post.

Synesthesia is an involuntary condition where stimuli are simultaneously experienced with different senses other than the primary transducers of the input stimuli.

It’s not a conscious mnemonic method. It might be good to disambiguate your language.


Yes that is possible.

While I believe this is easier with things that do not need active attention, the idea you have described can work.

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I think it’s possible to train yourself to have synesthetic-like responses. You might be interested in the threads below.

I tried to associate the vowels in my number system to angles by running through them with hand movements, and I found that after a while I associated those sounds with the angles. 4/A goes down. 8/EI goes to the right, dipping down a little, etc. I think I already have some natural association between some ideas and angles/space, but I intentionally created those ones for my number images.


Being skeptical I would think it’s perhaps learning to associate different things to the point that it becomes automatic.

You might find this interesting: Study: Synesthesia Can Be Learned

This was another interesting part of the article:

The experiments results further the hypothesis that synesthesia can be learned in childhood, and perhaps is even used by the brain as a learning tool when children are just getting the hang of recognizing letters. Additionally, the study found that subjects’ IQ scores increased by 12 points after the experiment.

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Well ,I am curious to know how much will the “Method of Loci” Synthesia improve recall and reading speed as synthesia increases recall and increases reading speed and maybe intelligence,


Is it possible to replace text with objects and images as mentioned above by using programming ?

If you formalize it a bit more then that isn’t too difficult to do with programming.

Can anybody share their number shape images so that a Method of Loci Synthesia trainer can be made,

Note even you can make that app if it is not under copyright or is patented and Can anyone tell me whether a similar Synthesia causing app or book has been patented or copyright so that I and those people who may be interested in making this app can start work on it by either by helping each other or by trying to make that app alone.

And I believe that app can increase the intelligence of its user significantly as written in an article which was posted above by @Josh

If this is applied to a math book as some different objects can be shown for up to 3 chunks of numbers with every third object encoding for valid divisibility rule(s) which can help in Maths in quick division,multiplication and factorization.

and,maybe Lawyers can use a version of this method to classify legal documents quicker by using which can contain a modified form of Synthesia in which sentences which contain clauses which are suspicious can be seen as objects which can be identified as suspicious such as an UFO(Associated with the knowledge that UFOs doesn’t exist) and many others,

Note I am not a lawyer and I have only written about a task which I think that lawyers do and how I think it can be improved,And also as far as I can remember since intelligence is measured by tests of Maths,Memory and Language tests and I think that the Method of Loci Synthesia can improve the performance of a person on Maths and Memory Tests based on what I had said above I think that the Mrthod of Loci Synthesia can improve the performance of a person on both Memory tests and Maths tests It can potentially improve intelligence.


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I’ve been considering ideas around synesthesia lately also.

As a beginner (2 months in), I am sometimes caught between using methods with proven track records and also taking note of new ideas or approaches that are common to people doing something new. Beginners do not have patterns built into our minds so beginners may think more creatively and thusly when learning a new skill I will often write down my ideas when I am doing something with the so called “beginners mind”. I still though have found once these ideas are documented, the best results will probably occur by sticking to the proven methods at first at least. And revisiting later your initial thoughts to decide if you want to pursue any. That would be my advice unless you were far along into your learning on memory!

Synesthesia and memory have interesting links. Katie Kermode, Yanjaa who hold top world records both have synesthesia, as you may know. Also check out some books or youtube videos by Daniel Tammet.

They use this as an additional layer of association and encoding… but it doesn’t stop at color. It includes texture, smell, taste and maybe more such as an emotion, feeling, maybe even body sensation?

If seems like synesthesia is a kind of visceral association… the question is can you train a synesthesia like response through repetition and association.

My hypothesis is yes in certain ways… but I’d like to research more.

If you are going to try to create a colour based response, it is important to pick colors that are distinguishable… as a basis for that check out:


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Well there is a Speed Reading technology for reading in an app which creates colours which can be distinguished which is in an app called Coloreader which is mentioned in a post in this forum,

And your suggestion of using many senses is good and I hope that I will post an update on this method soon and have a good day.

Well, @metivier I am curious to know what you have to say about my post on as it a combination of a brain excercise and a memory technique along with speed reading,

And in my post I had added a sentence

which I heard in of your videos in your Magnetic Memory YouTube Channel and also my second post on is-it-possible-to-gain-the-method-of-loci-synthesia-edit-yes-it-is-see-virtual-memory-palaces-along-with-text
which contains a method by which a person can get The Method of Loci Synthesia by which a person can see Virtual Memory Palaces of their choice with text just like how in some forms of synthesia people can see colors along with text and I also believe that this type of synthesia can also help in quick Multiplication,Division and Factorisation and maybe diagrams can be added to the locations in those memory palaces to help students to understand the rules of solving some if not all word problems before solving them ,

and I think that this Synthesia can be unlearnt and maybe aquired by making catagorises of aassociations and I think that the article below on Quora contains a lot of valuable information,Specially on getting synthesia through association and maybe even The Method of Loci Synthesia can be naturally developed without having to use any software or a thing,

and @metivier can you give me some advice on how can I improve the two methods which I have posted above and you may also be intrested in an adaption on the method of loci for every day use and also in doubling your speed of recall.


@aircreator, I wouldn’t call it synesthesia, but multi sensory experience premised on spatial memory has always been part of the great memory trainings.


Well,@metivier I have read about a software called AceReader which helps people to speed read without losing comprehension and if a person can speed read(or read faster)without losing comprehension,remembering more when compared to normal reading(by using my Hybrid Speed Reading and memory techniques method then can he use speed reading for his studies,

And according to my memory I have heard that using Speed Reading for studies is nonsense however i think that this combination is different as it will not only allow a person to read faster but also remember more and comprehend at his comprehend normal rate and I request you to give me your advice that,

I also believe that the speed reading method of AceReading which dispayes text in at the center of the screen in a manner that forces the eyes of the humans to move at the same speed they move during normal reading which I think reduces regression at the same eye movement speed during normal reading, may be the same result of not losing comprehension while Speed Reading can be obtained by eye exercises which perhaps have not been developed and if I come to now that they have not been developed then I will try to develop them and if I succeed then I will add them to the “Modified photographic speed reading combined with-a memory technique and a brain exercise with results method”,


There is a website that allows you to read with emojis and I can read faster by typing text in that website and reading the emojis that are generated by that website, And if that website contained backgrounds like in The Method of Loci then I believe That I and perhaps even others will be able to read even faster in that website,

And if that website gave pictures of objects instead of emojis then the speed of reading would have been even greater which would have been great for Speed Reading,

And a link to that website is below,

And maybe with some modifications in that website a person can get the Method of Loci synthesisia by using that website,


And I had read that the Major System and Synthisia are very similar.

Every system that uses associations is very similar.
Once you learn a system very well, you can get an automatic response.

Well @metivier I had sent you a post below and can you share some of your wisdom on this as the school which I go to is about to start and I have been Speed Reading my textbooks with a memory technique combined which is separate from the technique which I had posted in the folloeing topic- modified-photographic-speed-reading-combined-with-a-memory-technique-and-a-brain-exercise-with-results

and can you also tell me whether Speed Reading with memory retention and comprehension can work for studies and I intend to use comprehension techniques when speed reading to attempt to comprehend the text that I will read without using AceReader for physical books and will using comprehension techniques with speed reading work?