Synesthesia training


Can anyone here help me to train myself to aquire grapheme synesthesia .
it would be really helful if any material can be provided.

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Hey can anyone help me on this pls guys really need ur help

(Josh Cohen) #3

Is there a book that you want to read where the plain text is available? If you send me text I might be able to convert it for you, if the old script still works. Send me a private message and we could chat more.

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Can u tell me how can i chat with u can u give ur email. Actually i am working on making a chart for synesthesia training


Hey anyone interested in making a group about this topic and doing more research

(Josh Cohen) #6

I read a book with colorized text like that but haven’t gone back to it. If you need more text, let me know and I could run it through the script.

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Yes it might have the influence can u send me a chart of numbers if it not troubles u it will be very helpful well i wll be uploading my training regime soon

(Josh Cohen) #8

Have you seen the number pages in this thread? Or are you looking for something different?


Actually i was looking for a chart of numbers and randomly arranged numbers with astandard format .

(Josh Cohen) #10

If you describe what you’re looking for in detail (the chart and format), I might be able to create it.


I am looking for a chart of numbers arranged from 0 to 99 in a vertical order with bold letters and every digit with its own unique colour and 2 digit figutes with combination like if 2 is red and 1 is white it should produce pinkish red if possible otherwise ur standard chart is perfect . if u don’t have any problem can u email me the chart and can u tell me of any other technique that will be helpful.
Thank u very much for ur help

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(Josh Cohen) #12

Something like this?

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Can you pls mail me this having trouble downloading the 40 row numeric training sheet

(Josh Cohen) #14

Sure, what format works best for you? PDF?


Yup pdf is perfect for me

(Josh Cohen) #16

Something like these?


Thank h very much.

(Josh Cohen) #18

I just realized that the colors got changed in the PDF versions. The zeros are white on the webpages but black in the PDFs. If you want I could try to convert them another way.


No problem i will manage , thanks again


Do u think synesthesia can make mental calculation faster, i mean if it can it will be really helpful