If you need MANY MANY Memory palaces, JOIN ME

Imagine what you can do if you have an EXTRA 100 memory palaces. You may use it to study for an entire degree, use it to boost your competitiveness in memory competitions, whatever your dream is.

Some may not agree, but at least for people new to memory palace, creating memory palace is time consuming. But unfortunately, if you are like me who uses memory palaces for the purpose of gaining knowledge and do not find re-using memory palaces a good idea, you will need MANY MANY memory palaces.

SO WHAT I PROPOSE IS: Forming a group sharing virtual memory palaces.

HOW TO JOIN: To join the group, you will need to make two virtual memory palaces based on video games. Record the journey into a video so that you can share with your group.

WHAT YOU GET: You will have life time access to everyone’s virtual memory palace contribution, including any new member who join the group. Meaning you will have a continuous supply of memory palaces and never run out. To get this started, I will be personally contributing 20 virtual memory palaces to the group (I actually have much more, about 100 virtual memory palaces, but haven’t got time to turn them into videos, may do it later if time permits).

RULES: To make the sure the videos are good quality and consistent, there are some rules in making the videos. Let me know if you are keen and I will give you the details.

So please PM me if you are interested. Thanks for reading!


Virtual memory palaces are very powerful, because places are so unique and easily memorable. It offers places that CANNOT be found in real life. Here are some pictures of the a virtual memory palace that I created.

Festival Area

Interesting tunnel between two hills

Bridge connecting between the tops of two icy mountains

Gate with Huge Bear

Ice Dragon in a Basin at the top of the mountain

Glowing ancient monument

Hotsprings in the ice

Icy Waterfall

Area with lots of blue fire posts.

Huge Roaster

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Is this still going on? It looks like a great idea and I’d like to join :smiley:

Same here :blush:

I have some recorded palaces from Counter Strike and Crash Team Racing. :wink:

lol 3 years later!!!

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Lol it’s funny but, who knows! I was curious they’d show what they’ve done in all this time. Maybe it is still going on and never noticed!! Or we could revive this old good idea for sure and make it work! Kudos :slight_smile:

So hows this going?