Artificial Memory Palaces series - GTA:V

My fallout series is detailed and large, so I wanted to do something else in Grand Theft Auto.

Note that GTA:5 is an 18+ game, and the atmosphere sometimes shows. GTA:O having one of the most toxic player bases is also occasionally apparent.

All buildings in the game are generic homes and businesses, so I turned them into memory palaces resembling the first few we all have made. Large loci, evenly spread throughout the building, with around 50 loci for a family home.

A few more will come, but I wanted to share these already so you can tell me if you miss something. Your feedback helps me make better palaces.


This is super. Thanks!

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Here you can find about 312 GTA San Andreas memory stations (I am such insecure in relation to counting):

In case you want to download them straight away, then I have uploaded them:
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I did the same for Unchartered : Lost Legacy. So easy and fun to remember and encode!

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You’re an angel @Mayarra :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing those Artificial Memory Palaces of yours.

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So I’m not the only one who uses GTA V as a memory palace :smiley:

Thanks for the idea to use the additional buildings that GTA Online provides, I didn’t even think of that because I never played it online.

For me the GTA V map is dedicated exclusively to Civil Law, for which I need 1200+ locations. Not finished yet but I’m adding some more Articles every now and then.

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You’re welcome! I hope it helps you get some palaces or inspiration!

That is a great number of palaces to get from a single game! I have loved GTA ever since part 2 and played every game in the series since, but I am not even sure if I could get that many in total! Iwill take a look at it later on.

Some games make really great memory palaces! i have more games on my website :slight_smile:

Dont let my grandma know. She still hates me for getting kids before marriage. :yum:

It is a great game! The online took me a long time to get it all done, I think there is a 150 mil in-game dollars in all my palaces. Having a crew that was willing to help me get that was a great blessing


Old guy questions:

Is it expensive to access these games?
And do you need much special equipment?

(FWIW, I’m not really interested in gaming itself, Just for memory and so on)


Hi @Mayarra…would you please advise how you link all of your memory palaces together? I read in one of your posts long time ago that you were using “Memory City” for organizing your memory palaces. Do you still do that?

I cannot decide how I will be putting/linking all of my memory palaces together. I have two different ways that I am considering. One is using “alphabetically linking” one MP with another. Another is,your idea of building a city…

Some games do require an investment yes, because they are technologically demanding. I play very modern games mainly, so my own computer is pretty extensively build for that. Other games require very little, and you might even get away with a very basic laptop.

For these palaces I would not quickly link them all, each would just be its own palace. If I had to link, I would grab palaces that can be logically linked in a chain. For example, the CEO office and the CEO garage, which are connected by an elevator.

Take a look at the Mass Effect 3 citadel if you want to see some better linking opportunities :slight_smile:

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I have a 13" MacBook that’s two years old, iirc.

Is there anything you would suggest? Or just do the sensible thing and wait for a lottery win?

If you go to Steam or it will tell you the hardware requirements of different games. There are games that are 20 years old that still hold up even though the graphics are older.


I’m thinking…what if we create a 3D journey of Memory Palaces with the videos above using a Virtual Reality software like “Adobe Captivate”! :slight_smile:

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Star Wars : Knights of The Old Republic ( Or KOTOR for short ) should run perfectly on your machine.
It came out in 2003, but it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played. There are loads of memory palace opportunities in it, ranging from your ship to entire planets that have a lot of detail in them to make them memorable. So the potential for palaces in this game is pretty huge. :slight_smile:


Excellent, Seagull. I am checking it out.

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Video Games are great for this. I currently use some levels from Goldeneye 64. I’ve tried Mario 64 but it’s almost too open, I like levels are are semi-linear. I might try Mario 64 again though, along with Ocarina of Time and some others.


It isn’t 3D but I wonder if Baldur’s Gate would work, especially for people familiar with D&D. (BG 1 & 2, Enhanced Editions)

I think,we can use the game engines like “Unity” or “Unreal Engine” for creating our own Memory Palaces! They are free! Unity is easy to learn,and it can be used without learning any coding! The older versions of Unity should be compatible with low end PC configuration…


Let’s use Minecraft and civil engineering projection programs.