Artificial Memory Palaces series - Fallout 4

In this thread I will place the artificial memory palace that I make in the game Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Story

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic game made by Bethesda Studios. In the game you play the Sole Survivor, someone who has been frozen in a cryogenic vault when the nuclear war started, only to wake up 200 years later as the only survivor from your facility.

In the game you can join various factions. The Minutemen, a civilian militia that aims to protect settlements against attacks. The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, a technocratic military that sets out to collect and protect technology. The Institute, a scientific organisation hidden underneath the wasteland that creates robotic and synthetic humans to rebuild the world aboveground. The Railroad, an activistic group that wants to free the sentient synthetic humans from the Institute. And finally the Raiders, various groups that use violence and intimidation to live off the hard work that their slaves do for them.

In Fallout 4 you have the opportunity to build settlements, a great opportunity to build some Memory Palaces! Here I will post and maintain a list of Fallout 4 settlements that I have made, for you to use as inspiration for your own memory palaces.

Minutemen Settlements:

  • Sanctuary (20 Memory Palaces, 1201 loci ranging from 10 to 140 per palace)
  • Red Rocket (10 Memory Palaces -2 finished-, 2000 loci ranging from 150 to 260 per palace)

Fantastic! Thank you.


Thank you for sharing it with us!


I have used Fallout 4 to memorize a law recently. It was quite easy, I just went in the directions the gameplay naturally brought me. Starting in the Vault, then Sanctuary, gas station, and then it ends somewhere where you can build again. The reason I used Fallout 4 is that the law I memorized is called “Fusionsgesetz” (german): Fallout made me think of nuclear fusion

I could have fit much more information there, but I like to have dedicated palaces for each law, so I don’t confuse anything.

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Nice to hear that there are more who like the game for mnemonics! :smiley:

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The Commonwealth Museum Palace I linked earlier is part of a larger “Memory City”. The link in the main article now links to that. In that article, I have added a few links to both the Museum Palace and 3 new palaces in the full list of Palaces! Some palaces are listed, but their names are not a link. These will be added in the future.

For easy clicking, here are all the links I have updated

Memory City: Sanctuary - (20 Palaces, currently 4 posted)

Memory Palace: 01. Sanctuary Gate - (20 Loci)

Memory Palace: 03. Brahmin Barn - (10 Loci)

Memory Palace: 04. Cait’s Shack - (20 Loci)

Memory Palace: 08. Commonwealth Museum - (110 Loci, Originally posted)



I managed to get the time to record and add three more palaces. Links have been added to the main post as well. With these three palaces I got to do more of what I want this series to become: A source of inspiration that shows how you can turn various things into loci.

The Valentine Detective Agency is structured in various sections of 5 loci each, some loci are large, some are small.

Publick Occurences is an unorganized palace, every section has a random number of loci.

Sanctuary Radio is a tiny palace with densely packed loci.

Memory Palace: 05. Valentine Detective Agency - (45 Loci, structured)

Memory Palace: 06. Publick Occurences - (45 Loci, unstructured)

Memory Palace: 07. Sanctuary Radio - (40 Loci, dense)



Thank you for the 10 likes! I just noticed that I recieved the ‘nice topic’ reward because of that :smiley:

Another thing that I want this to be is a page where people can make inspiration requests. I still have around 40 palaces to build in -this- fallout 4 build (there will be at least 4 more, each with their around 50 memory palaces). So if you have specific requests like “I would like to see a regular sized palace with 150 loci” or even a palace with specific loci or a specific theme/look because you are stuck on something, let me know!

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Updates time!

The ones who are subscribed to my youtube channel or have visited my website, probably noticed that I have updated a few things without any post here.

I have been very busy, so I did not have the opportunity to post an update for every palace I finished.

However! I fully finished the Sanctuary palaces in the minutemen build! I also prepared the top post for the future palaces to come. The method I had eould have resulted in a huge list of links. To view the palaces, just click the city you want to view (currently, only sanctuary is listed) and scroll to a palace you like.

The newly added palaces are numbers 02 and 09 to 20.

There are a few typos that I will fix tomorrow, but I hope you like the palaces regardless.


It is the best collection of memory palaces. Your all collections are very excellent.
I like your fallout 4 memory Palace very much.

Thank you for providing your memory Palace.


Took a while, but I got some new palaces for you! Two really cool ones, I think :slight_smile:

I finished Sanctuary and started building the next town: Red Rocket. This town will have 10 palaces, each with 150, 200 or 250 loci! A lot already, but even more if you consider that some palaces are not much larger than an average living room. These palaces will contain a lot of knowledge-based Loci for inspiration purposes. Those are loci like various types of weapons, armor and medication, which are usable if you have the knowledge to keep them apart.

I posted a link to Red Rocket in the very top post, which shows a preview of the palaces to come, and two links to the two finished palaces as well.

Inside Out
Inside Out is a 150-Loci pub. Incredibly small, insanely dense, and made by using techniques that I use to build palaces of a room that I am in for some time when I quickly need a palace. I noticed some questions about making palaces on the go, so I am going to add more similarly build palaces in the future!

Red Rocket Market
A 250-loci market place. It is split into five stores, with each 50 loci (though the pharmacy and the chothing store both grab some of the general building too). Not sure about your hometowns, but mine has a weekly market where stalls stand on the same spot each week, great for a large memory palace.

I hope you like them, and if you have any requests for a palace, do let me know :smiley:


It has been 2 years since I got to update my memory palace display, covid tossed my professional and personal life upside down. However, the display of the 2.000-loci memory palace in this series is ready!

If you want to see it, just click the Red Rocket link in the top post, and prepare to be dazzled. Loci are placed incredibly close together, clustered, or sometimes even different parts of the same object.

As for the “behind the scenes” bit, it did take me way longer for these palaces to get them vivid enough in my memory. It took multiple sessions of me closing my eyes and mentally walking through the places, touching as much as I can and interacting with the scenery as I recalled it.

Feel free to post questions, suggestions or requests!