How many memory palaces do you have?

I am curious to hear how many memory palaces everyone has and what kind of different places you use!

Anyone here have a memory city or a memory Forest?

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I think you might need to define what you mean by that…


Sure thing. I guess I assumed that more people would be familiar with those terms.

Essentially, a memory city is a mental map of multiple memory palaces arranged and categorized in a specific way.

A memory Forest is a little more outlandish and bizarre of a concept but I’ve heard of a few people who use it. it’s basically the same thing as a memory city except instead of palaces, you use “memory trees” - where each tree represents a concept or idea, each branch on the tree represents a sub point of that concept, and each leaf on that branch is a detail about that sub point. This idea allows a person to store hundreds, even thousands of pieces of information on a single tree, and many trees can be grouped together in what’s called a “memory Forest”. Hope that makes sense :wink:

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As for the number of palaces, there is an older topic discussing that too :slight_smile: maybe you can find what you are looking for there?

As for the memory city, I made a topic when I started mine:

The memory forest concept sounds like a sort of visualized mind map. I dont use those myself though :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you for the resources!

I don’t have much experience using the memory Forest either but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. I first heard about it from Dr. Lev Goldentouch, and he claims that he is able to store 1,000,000 pieces of information in his memory Forest. Sounds ambitious!

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i have got about 3 memory palaces

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I have 9. However 3 are dedicated to specific topics and aren’t re-used. 6 are general use. Most are under 20 loci.

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