Dominic System - build and rebuild

As a newbie, I’ve created my dominic system upto 80 right now and can memorize up to 50.

Felt I do not know enough people with initials to continue. But, ,that is ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, in the system GSP fights with GL Pieries (70) and GL Pieries fights with GSP (75) - Not sure whether this is the good way to go. Anyhow I sure can remember it.

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What I see in your illustrations is a PAO (Person Action Object) System using Major System encodings. Usually when we call Dominic System, it has the encodings suggested by Dominic which are different than Major System (like 0 - O, 1 - A, 2 - B, … and so forth)

Congratulations on achieving 80 entries in your system. All the best for your studies.

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Thanks for the comment.

Yes I do have a firm base on the major system since I started on this.

One of my problem is, retention. Any idea on how to practise it in your mind?

If you want to recall , simply see the page of your Pao by eidetic memory.
And some fast tricks that you place in your memory palace.