Here is a list of famous people

I have created a list of famous people to use for the P part of PAO. It’s attached. The list has 4093 entries currently.

I got the majority of the names from the “Celebrity Birthday” type of websites, so some of the names are people I have never heard of, but those people might be meaningful to someone else so I left them in the list. I also left all names in the list so it would be useful regardless of which encoding system you use (Dominic, GMS, create your own, etc).

Some of the entries are the same person with a slight modification. For instance, there is an entry for “Leonardo Da Vinci” (with initials LV) and also “Leonardo Da-Vinci” (with initials LD). That way if someone needs a person for LV or LD, there will be an option for them, and it’s up to them not to use the same person twice.

I removed some punctuation (mainly ‘apostrophes’), in case anyone wanted to try and use the second letter of the last name (maybe for a 1000 person list). So “Conan O’Brien” is in the list as “Conan OBrien”.

I also removed name suffixes, so “Martin Luther King Jr.” is just “Martin Luther King”. I had a script generate the initials from the last name in the list, so I left off suffixes, otherwise MLK would have MJ for his initials, which isn’t really what we want.

For name prefixes, there are two or three entries. For example, “Dr. Phil McGraw”, “Phil McGraw”, and “Dr. Phil”, so you could use him for three different initials. Again it’s up to you not to use people twice. Same goes for “Sir Edmund Hillary”, he’s also “Edmund Hillary”. A few others are present twice, such as “Mr. Rogers” and “Fred Rogers”, because he’s more commonly known as just Mr. Rogers.

It’s possible there are some mis-spelled names, since I just wrote a script to pull the names from birthday websites. I didn’t see spelling as a big deal, because we are primarily interested in the initials, and I at least expect those to be correct.

The initials.txt file could be renamed to initials.csv and opened in Excel if you so choose. The data is formatted as CSV (comma separated values). The list is already sorted by initials.

If anyone else has a similar list, I can combine the lists pretty easily. I already wrote the scripts that will add people with their initials and remove any duplicates.

Hope this helps someone.

The list:


Great list… thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Thanks!

Yes thank you. Could be very useful.

thank you so much!

Thank you so much!!! I’m sittin here tryin to concentrate on conjuring up people out of a long list of letters n i’m like ‘BS? Buh buh bucko? Bluh bluh blueberry?’. Hahahahaha totally at a loss.

Where were you before I start, that is a time saver, thanks a lot rtr.

Finished the 100 list P part going to the A O part. Man you saved my time, within three hours I filled the gap.

Great list.

This is gold!!

I created a Google Sheet out of this that anyone with a link can edit. So, if you have more additions then go ahead and add it.

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Brilliant resource. Thank you.

Again, thank you for the time and effort on this!! Was beginning to wonder where some of my PAO’s were going to come from!! :slight_smile:

Crikey that must have taken you for ever. Well done. And congrats on your patience! :slight_smile:

Awesome resource man! You are the best! :slight_smile: Josh needs to add this too to the Wiki.

I will add it now. :slight_smile:

Terrific! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Where is this list?

Sorry, it was missing above. Here it is:

i came across this site. it is very helpful to me. fix the url before checking

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