List of 10 000 Famous People


I was going through my old files on my computer when I came across a file I compiled of famous people.

I don’t know if I have shared this before here but for those people who are still trying to create your PAO, I hope you will find this list helpful.

Cheers… :slight_smile:

(Josh Cohen) #2

Thanks! I added a link to this page from the wiki. :slight_smile:

Edit: the original link may have been lost when the forum software was upgraded. I think these are the files:


How to open them?


I handled it :smiley:


I came upon this site of names it says it has over 40,000 maybe people here can use it.


Thanks for sharing these. It’s too bad I can only conjure up faces for 1-2% of them, but it is fun to be reminded of recognizable characters I haven’t thought about in years. What cool image Andre the Giant is!


Thanks Yan


You are welcome guys! :slight_smile:


Super! Very helpful :slight_smile:


Ps. Also nice to see you are a Harry Potter fan.


Hi Yan,
Can I ask you generated this list? Did you export the names from an encyclopedia website?

Thanks for your help,


hi Yan

As a newbie,many thanks for your lists !! SUPER !!


Josh could also add this page to wiki:

(Josh Cohen) #14

Sure… I’ve added it to the wiki. I also created a password for you so that you can edit the wiki any time. It should have arrived by email. :slight_smile:


Hi Yan,

Thanks for the list. It is very useful.

I forked my own version and have sorted it by (First Initial, Last Initial) to make it easier to find names. I’ve attached a copy below and also made a page on my blog which I will keep updated when I add names to the list:
[link no longer works]

I hope people find it useful, and please let me know if you have any objections to me forking your list.



Hey Sam, no problem you are welcome! :slight_smile:


If you want to look up famous people by their initials, this website’s really good.


Nicola Tesla is not in the list ?!!


What a great resource. Thanks!


Thank you