Could the PAO system be expanded?

Hello friends - Would it be possible to add anything to person,action and object? anyone tried it? How was your success?


I’ve read several attempts on the forums. People have tried adding extra objects and background locations, for example. There’s a new thread here of someone suggesting adding adverbs to the actions. If you search you’ll find other various attempts.


I have tried animal, person, food, object, action without much succes.


yeah that thread was what moved me to ask this question. it was suggested in the thread that the adverbs arent working. so i was wondering if theres anything that could be added that has proven to work

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I think you van incrasse you system with people

You pictures must have more colours or fantasy

The weak point of my 5 category system was not my imagination, but my ability to translate numbers into elements from the 5 categories. Typically in any person-object-action like system, only one of the multiple elements is directly linked to a number, the other elements are linked to that one element.

Ok I understand but how make you to remeber your people?

Do you mean when I’m memorising a number sequence or when I’m memorising the initial link between numbers and people, like Arnold Schwarzenegger representing 44?

That I mean is when I will rember numbers so I cant´t get any pictures for my people wihout I only can remeber things do you know the problem?

If imagening people is not your strength, than perhaps you should focus on things or animals for representing numbers.

So you mean in stand of people I should use major system?

You can use the major system (or any other number to letter system) for all kinds of categories, if i m not mistaken. Allow me to promote my very own New memory system for fast translation of numbers. Just make sure that with whatever method you choose, you adopt it to your own language (I mostly use the Dutch language),

Ok I understand but how can I do to rember numbers fast as they as they as competition?

If only I knew that myself :joy:.

Ah so you dont know?

I have never spend a long period training one system as I feel that most of what I tried was ultimately not good enough. The best result after a little more than a week with a very simple 2 digit number object system was 100 digits in 2 minutes.

I think, hoewever that with my current card system, that I am now creating, I can accomplish more if I train for a longer period.

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Aha I understand but wich technicians do you used for cards?

I’m going to use a combination of Playing with unusual number/card translations (a system for translating every card value combination of 2 cards in 1 object) and (4 card suits/1 word) translation computer program (as part of my (2 card values/1 word) system) (a system for translating 4 card suit values in 1 object), so 39 objects for 1 deck of cards.

Ok and it works good for you?