(4 card suits/1 word) translation computer program (as part of my (2 card values/1 word) system)

Using a computer program (Playing with unusual number/card translations) I have succesfuly created a 169 long list of 2 card value combination words; I have already memorised them.

I imagined it would be a good idea to combine this list with a 256 long 4-suits-combination word list; this would allow me to memorise every 4 cards with 2 objects representing 4 card values (2 each) and 1 object representing 4 suits. This means that a deck of cards can be memorised with 39 objects total. Since the 2 list are not overlapping, I can put the suit objects in the same locations as 1 of the 2 card value objects of the same 4 card sequence; so I only need 52/2 = 26 locations.

computer program:

The computer program translates every 4 suit combination according to the green cells input, which dictate:

some more pictures of the list I ended up with:

Even though many of the words in this list are strange, they appear to be meaningful in the sense that with some imagination I can link them to an object in a easy memorable way.

It will take some time to get this whole system going, so I will let you know if I get somewhere with this.

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It appears nobody is interested in this system or perhaps i didn’t explain it very well (I changed the title to make it more clear what the post is about).

Anyway, here 's an update for those who happen to be interested.

I have completed my 256 object list (was not easy) today.

The main method I use to come up with these objects is: what does the word sound like if I use my imagination and sense of humor. It probably does’t have much value to explain examples of my objects as they are just about all based on the dutch language.

After I have selected an object to represent the word I put both in a silly, but memorable sentence that connects both.

O, what the… here are some examples:

2 = moemat = moe mat = mother measures (the length of her Chuckie (from the horror movies) doll; so moemat = Chuckie

6 = moepoe ≈ mijn grootmoeder = my grand mother (plays the saxophone and thought it was nothing unusual); moepoe = saxophone.

8 = moepak = moe pak = tired? take (a cup of coffee and you will feel better); moepak = cup of coffee.

10 = moeto SOUNDS LIKE moet ook = has to be (done everyday: brushing your teeth with a toothbrush); moeto = toothbrush.

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