Playing with unusual number/card translations

I have made a simple spreadsheet that allows you to try out diferent number and card (value) translations, without having to type a lot (you only have to type in the green cells, the yellow cells combine both green cells. I made this tool for my The super position 2 card system, so that is why it shows only 2 card value combinations (and of course number combinations as they are a sub collection; I use the same words/sounds for A and 1 and for 10 (as a card value) and 0).

In the spreadsheet below I used a somewhat unusual (please let me know if others use this as well) variation for some 2nd digit/card translations:
4 = vier (in Dutch) and ends with “ier”;
7 = zeven (in …) and ends with “even”;
8 = acht (in …) and I simply use the whole word as an extension;
J = jack and ends with ack and this translates phonetically in Dutch as “ek”;
Q = queen and ends with een and … as “ien”;
K = King … drum roll …-> “ing”.

Without having to add any other letters/sounds I have created a list of words of which just about every word has (or sounds very simular to a another word) that has a meaning in Dutch, German or English.

Appologies to the early readers of this post, I forgot the “10” (I have not played any card games for 25 years).

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Well, @erikfromholland if you want then can you share this spreadsheet,


I don’t know how to upload a spreadsheet file to this website, but I can tell you how to make one in just seconds:

The formula in all yellow cells is basically the same, so you can type in cell C3 (upper left yellow cell): =concatenate($A3;C$1) and than simply copy paste to the rest of the yellow matrix.

Explanation of formula:

concatenate means "putting the content of the cells together;

The $-sign allows you to controle the part of the reference that you don’t want to be changed in accordance with the relative position of the cell you copy the formula to.